Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular first-hand shooter games. Mastering such a game is not easy. But with the help of some tips and tricks, you can polish your skills and survive till the end. If you want to learn more, read on:

Tips to become a Pro-Rainbow Six Siege player 

1. Watch tutorials

If you are a new player, the first thing you need to do is watch all the Rainbow Six Siege tutorials. By viewing these tutorials, you will get an overall idea of this game. Moreover, each tutorial will offer you 200 game currencies. With these, you can purchase game skins, weapons attachments, and several operators. Next, you should try the ‘Situations.’ 

This is a PVE ground where you can try different guns, learn their usages, and check the basic controls. The maps remain the same in the multilayer version, so whatever you learn will be useful for all versions. When you complete the objectives of ‘Situations,’ you get awarded. You can also earn some extra money from the weekly and daily challenges. 

2. Warming up is important

Before jumping into the actual game, you should warm yourself up by playing against AI enemies. You can try the terrorist hunt, which is also a PVE playground. Here, you need to defeat all the AI enemies. Here, you can practice headshots on moving and static targets. It also allows you to practice your skills once again and rectify your errors.

3. Don’t get skilled by spawn peekers

Nothing can be worse than getting killed even before the battle starts. Some errors in the decision can lead to this disaster for you. Most of the time, players get killed at an early stage due to spawning peeking. 

If you want to save yourself from this, make sure to use a drone near all probable spawn peeking locations. Whenever you detect any enemy near that area, alert all your teammates and plan counterattacks. Even if you don’t find any suspicious activity around those locations, firing some bullets at the windows and doors is advised.

4. Check below the barricades

Before you breach any door, you must look below its barricades and check if there are any enemies. Usually, experienced players do not use breaching charges as those expose their feet under the barricades. So, before entering any room, do a quick scan, or you can fire some bullets to be on the safe side. Thus, you get the upper hand over your enemies. To get some more advantages in this game, you can buy Rainbow Six Siege Hacks online.

5. Listen carefully

Sound plays a more significant role in Rainbow Six Siege compared to other shooter games. If you want to survive for a longer time, you need to focus on environmental sounds. You can hear an enemy approaching  from their footsteps. 

One can also understand which type of floor they are moving and if they are crouching, running, or prone. But your enemies can hear you as well. So you have to keep it down and move strategically without making much noise. 

6. Use sprinting mode

In this game, you may have to face a sudden attack while your gun is still reloading. To save yourself from such attacks, you need to counterattack. In such situations, you can switch to sprinting mode. 

This will cancel the reloading and let you use another secondary weapon. This strategy can be life-saving. So, use sprinting whenever you are under attack and your gun is not ready for firing.

7. Stay safe by leaning

Leaning is one of the crucial moves that you need to master in Rainbow Six Siege. By leaning, you can check the corners for enemies. During this, only a small portion of your body will be exposed to your enemies, so hitting you becomes next to impossible. 

If you are playing Rainbow Six Siege on your desktop, leaning is quite easy. You can lean even without aiming. But if you want to keep yourself safe, you must use this move on every platform.

8. Use customized game setup

The most important thing to conquer Rainbow Six Siege is, learning the map. You need to explore different parts of the map and know all its ins and out. Doing this over a live mode will get you instantly killed. So, you have to create your own customized game for practicing. Thus, you can explore the map thoroughly and use different strategies.


These are all the tips that will help you to become a pro player of Rainbow Six Siege. Even if you are not new to the game, these tips can help and improve your game. Moreover, practicing a game with dedication is the key to mastering it. So keep playing and do not forget to enjoy it.


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