Many players enjoy and appreciate the wide variety of MMO games. And without a doubt, World of Warcraft is the most well-known and unforgettable game in this genre.

This game is played by gamers everywhere. They work for hours each day to farm gold and upgrade their characters. In the current version of the game, there are many different currencies, but only gold can be freely moved between players, so it is the most popular and significant element. Naturally, mining gold on your own is more difficult than simply purchasing it. Even if you apply the most effective farming techniques, gathering enough gold to purchase another WoW token can be a laborious task. Gold can be used to purchase the most exclusive and uncommon items, such as armor, incredibly attractive mounts, Battle Pet collections, and, probably most significantly, WoW Token, which can extend your play session. Players frequently contact specialized services, such as, if they just want to enjoy playing their favorite game and don’t want to spend too much time gaining in-game gold.

The game has been around since 2004. Despite being expected to pass away in 2007, it is still well-liked today. Let’s recall the game’s add-ons that received the most criticism.

1. Cataclysm

This is the most controversial of all the add-ons in the history of Warcraft. After the previous expansion Wrath of the Lich King became the most popular (with up to 13 million people online at the same time), Cataclysm became the most anticipated expansion. In the announcements, the developers promised a huge number of interesting innovations – the new character leveling system “Path of Golganneth”, archeology, the automatic system for collecting raids, and much more. 

What did this mean to the players?

Numerous well-known locations were redrew, and as a result, even seasoned gamers had difficulty identifying previously-studied locations. New features have been added, including flying, new races, a utility profession, a new skill system, and a new guild system. But ultimately, “Path of Golganneth” was canceled.

Players were immediately struck by the plot, which was genuinely odd. According to the storyline, an old god drove the dragon Deathwing insane, causing him to emerge from the depths and start destroying Azeroth. In Azeroth, elementals and spirits started acting strangely. And a solution had to be found. There was also some confusion with the timelines regarding previous addons.

The expansion was quite hardcore as soon as it was made available. The players were shocked at how challenging the mobs were to pass. Blizzard took note of the fans’ feedback and addressed the issue in subsequent patches, but they went too far in the opposite direction rather than seeking a compromise.

Alteration of locations, in fact, turned out to be a rather useless activity, the old locations were also good and it was not necessary to redo them from scratch. The failed patch “Rise of the Zandalari” was released – it was the first patch without a new raid. There were only 5-player dungeons, which were overloaded with the number of bosses. All this caused a wave of indignation and users began to leave the game en masse.

2. Mists of Pandaria

In anticipation of its release, the number of players grew again. And this time everyone was even more surprised than at the release of Cataclysm. After all, a new addon introduced … Pandas?!

The most intriguing aspect is that the introduction of the Pandaren race was intended as a joke during the development of Warcraft 3, which many people took too seriously. Many players also favored this concept. Additionally, there were numerous references to the Mists of Pandaria in earlier addons. So, Blizzard spent a lot of time planning them and simply waited for the appropriate time.

This addon had problems at launch – for example, pre-raid items could only be bought with reputation, and reputation was only gained by completing daily tasks. 

Around the Pandaren race there has been intense debate. In reality, a lot of people realized how fascinating this race is. The continent where the events occurred was also remarkable. Remember the Northrend’s perpetual ice, the first addon’s green sludge, and the Cataclysm’s fire and lava. And lastly, Mists of Pandaria helped the gamers’ nervous systems to decompress because of its serene surroundings, soothing music, and an abundance of fascinating mythology. As a result, despite the fact that most WoW fans still view Pandaria favorably, disagreements over it persist today.

3. Warlords of Draenor

The fifth expansion of the Warcraft series is regarded as the worst and most uninteresting one ever. First, there was a genuinely hazy plot involving suddenly insane orcs who transformed into barbarians and started destroying Azeroth.

Additionally, Blizzard added garrisons. At first, the gamers believed that it would be feasible to construct something intriguing there and occasionally reside there. Garrisons were promoted as a different way to increase a character’s power. In actuality, the Garrison proved to be a cropped sandbox, requiring players to endlessly mine resources in the open world, construct the required structures in accordance with the template, and then occasionally resort to gathering resources, crafting unimportant items, taking quests, and consulting the command table. It was extremely dull and caused the collapse of the entire economy due to an excess of resources. 

The garrisons served the purpose of carrying out the daily activities, and most players thought the place to be exceedingly tedious. Additionally, crafting has been substantially simplified. And although Blizzard always did a great job with the raids, it was important to realize that not just raiders play Warcraft. Additionally, the game’s casual material was incredibly scant. The number of subscribers decreased to 5 million as a result.

The Blizzard persisted, though. They have always been able to improve after making mistakes, and their subsequent outstanding expansions (Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and Shadowlands) have received a ton of positive feedback.


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