A teacher’s job is to bring about why are the strategies to educate their students. Emerging digital means have made it extremely easy. Besides the ERP full form, educators can now use all features of a learning management system and come up with reforms to foster a growth mindset in all their students.

A growth mindset is needed among students, especially during the present times because of the dynamic situation and changing technological means. Everyone is aware of technology, but do they truly understand how it can be used by students for their gain? Students are constantly developing their moral values, ideologies, and learning strategies. It is easy to get lost in a sea of methods for learning processes and lose their way to the right ones. This is when a teacher brings along the education-based technological guideline which students can follow easily to become successful individuals in the future. 

Here is how educational technology can be utilized for fostering growth inclined mindset among students;

  • Tools supporting dynamic learning paths and risks

Students go through a lot of phases in all their grades, developing interests and changing their learning path. This involves learning about a new subject and relying on a new field of career for their future. It is risky enough for them. Features should take a note of their dynamic preferences, and whether they are making the proper use of modern technology to support their learning methods and prospects of subject specialization.

The following tools can help;

  • Evaluation of student progress through digital means to avoid errors and showcase these results to students.
  • Providing enough resources from the Internet to the student to support their interests.
  • Overseeing pending tasks assigned on the subjects through the learning management system. This assures the student’s progress.
  • Technological programs for feedback

Feedback is an important part of education not only for the students but also for teachers. Giving and receiving feedback has been made instantaneous and easy with the help of a learning management system. This online platform calls for continuous feedback which shows the constant effort of teachers. It strengthens students’ growth mindset through education-based technology because the teacher is more concerned about the student’s progress even though traditional classes are not being followed.

The use of technology also helps in a systematic way of monitoring progress because, unlike people, artificial intelligence does not make errors and is based on complete accuracy. Here are some options that can feel included in the feedback program to help students;

  • Screening options to show the acknowledgment after task completion.
  • Immediate response chat rooms allow educational conversation for improvement between a student and a teacher.
  • Counters in the learning management system point out assignments or activities that students need to complete.
  • Percentage of progress besides the feedback to show how much of the task every student has completed. This is an inbuilt feedback teacher of the learning management system.
  • Challenging personalized materials

With the help of technology, everything is possible. Teachers have resorted to making personalized challenging mock tests and activities for every student to promote an individual growth mindset. Long gone are those days when one question people were provided for the entire classroom to solve, without taking into account their characteristics. There are some technological tools that a learning management system provides which can create a quiz depending on the areas in which a child or student lacks.

The system or software works on the principle that it arranges a set of questions, which are already put in as inputs by the teacher, and categorizes the questions concerning some portions in which some students are not advanced. The creation of this software or system could be expensive initially, but it has a great impact on the progress report of students, and initially the growth of a school or educational institution. When students are paid attention individually, to a level where even their question papers are personalized, all goals of providing education through the digital manner are met.

Is this not the entire point of using technology and technology-based resources to promote education? Making education accessible to all, and personalized has been the goal of educators and researchers for a long. With such tools and software, these goals are now finally being met.

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