Namely, he teases Theory for being knocked out and for finding his first name again. KO says he despises arrogant and delusional people while saying Theory is currently right at the top of the list. Rey says “do what you gotta do” to Edge before he meets Dominik on the ramp to make one last effort to stop his son.

Rollins has built his own purgatory and wants to pull Rhodes down in with him. We flash back to 2011, when Rollins arrived with the rest of the Shield, with Rhodes as one of the bitter guys in the back. Rollins went on a rocket to the top by shattering the glass ceiling, which Rhodes never knew was there in the first place.

Brawling Brutes via pinfall after pulverizing Butch with 1-D. The Usos leaned on their experience advantage as a duo to control and punish the challengers for much of the match. Holland took a particularly nasty bump outside of the ring early in the match.

Lacey Evans via pinfall by hitting Oblivion. Morgan — who faces Ronda Rousey in an “Extreme Rules” match at the upcoming pay-per-view of the same name — attacked Evans with a kendo stick and drove her through a table. A man who obsessively seduces women; a philanderer. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word.

The babyface Banger Bros would have to fight from underneath on more than one occasion, but McIntyre and Sheamus did and, ultimately, worked together to score the win over the very game Erik and Ivar. Los Lotharios, consisting of real-life cousins Angel and Humberto, are enjoying a tenure on WWE SmackDown as a successful tag team. puebes meaning The family duo often find ladies in the crowd to create a Kiss Cam segment, something that was made popular at sports games around the United States. Ciampa ties to smack Lashley’s knee from the outside, giving Miz a chance to hit a running knee for a near fall. We go picture-in-picture for what should be the last time tonight.