Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah beat IYO SKY & Dakota Kai to become the Women’s Tag Team Champions when Aliyah rolled up Kai to win. Happy Corbin was interviewed by Kayla Braxton with Corbin saying he didn’t want to talk about losing last week or any other loss. Corbin said that he knows he’s the best man in that locker room, so he’s going to issue an open challenge up next.

Theory signals for A-Town Down, but Owens slides down and delivers a superkick. Theory repays the favor by evading the Pop-Up Powerbomb, then sends KO into the steel steps, hitting the back of his head hard. Clash at the Castle was quite the spectacle, but with only six matches, it left a lot of stars without a spot on the card, and not every title was defended. Raw will rectify that for the United States Championship, with Bobby Lashley attempting to retain the gold against The Miz inside a steel cage. That would seem to be an environment that would favor the All Mighty, but Miz always has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Jey Uso is here with his brother but there is no Randy Orton because of a family commitment.

The fans try to rally him as the rest of The Judgment Day, including Dominik, march down the ramp. Bayley is also thrilled about beating Bianca Belair, who appears when her name is mentioned. The Raw Women’s Champion offers to run it back tonight, but Bayley says it’s Labor Day and she’s not working today.

Dupri introduces ma.çé first and out comes the former Mace. Dupri describes what we’re seeing as ma.çé models his tennis gear. Dupri introduces mån.sôör next, the former Mansoor, and he models the tennis clothes like Mace did. Corbin mocks McAfee by going wild for Nakamura’s entrance, laying on Cole and Graves, then dancing on top of the announce table. Nakamura enters the ring and faces off with Gunther. Nakamura says if Gunther doesn’t want to accept him, he can keep his title for now, but what about Kaiser?

The Usos leaned on their experience advantage as a duo to control and punish the challengers for much of the match. Holland took a particularly nasty bump outside of the ring early in the match. Butch, forced to operate solo late in the match, went on an absolute tear.

Butch survived a number of near-falls before tagging in Holland, who displayed ridiculous power in lifting both Usos and dropping them on their backs. All three members of Imperium blindsided Sheamus after “The Celtic Warrior” tried to stop Zayn from interfering in the match. The Usos took advantage of the chaos and finished off Butch. But when it comes to people used on TV, it’s a different story. Don Lothario is a character from the sims 2 and the sims 3 that is a very romantic and rather hot-headed individual.

They raise their titles in the air as the pyro goes off. The Bloodline now heads to the ring as Samantha Irvin does the introductions. The champ goes for the Hurt Lock, but Miz elbows his way out and climbs the cage once again.

Fury is British, so it makes sense he’ll be at the major event taking place in the UK. It was a slugfest as Butch sent Kaiser into the corner, then partition opposite of Butch hit a double knee drop on the left arm and a German Suplex. Butch stomped on the hands of Kaiser followed by a kick to the head for two.