Flat chisels work great for making straight edges and vertical cuts. Chris’ style of teaching is based around both a sculptural understanding of the work, and technical skills that are practiced until they become fluid motion. Chris Pye has an astonishing list of clients; HRH The Prince of Wales, for instance, is a repeat customer. So when we say Chris is a master carver we’re not joking.

A date, a name, initials or a fun label add a dimension to woodworking that you can’t get any other way. I’ve also brought my computer and printer into the process to speed and improve results. Ensure that you achieve clean, straight lines as you form the walls of the letter A. It is important that the base line of the ‘V’ is central to the upper lines when carving straight letter components. You can begin the valley’s using tool ref # 8, but always finish with the straight edge of tool Ref # 11 to maintain clean lines, especially on the timbers surface. Study the examples of letter styles provided in photo 4.

Don’t hit the mallet too hard or else you could gouge the wood you’re using. Keep hitting the chisel until you can carve through the wood easily again. If you’re aveda institute. carving out a block letter, place the point of your chisel just inside the outline. If you want a beveled edge, put the chisel directly on your outline.

I generally use knives of the kind shown above left with shortish blades that are slightly angled. Frederic Goudy was a major type designer and caster of the early 20th century. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 53,680 times. Work in one direction while you carve your wood or else it might look inconsistent. Pick larger bits to make wider cuts and smaller bits for precise, narrow cuts. Go slowly around curves so you have the most control.

For example, a house sign will need to be clear for people driving by, therefore, a plain style would be the most appropriate. The art of lettering is a tremendously popular form of carving, due to its infinite applications. I generally only use the chisel for the middle section before switching to my fishtail. As with the serifs, I find the fishtail creates a nicer rounded cut to the inside edge. Once this is done I like to carve the outside edge going towards the central line. I do this all the way round, making sure I switch the corresponding gouge that I used on the stab cut.

You can choose from a large variety of letter fonts to produce a dramatic and highly visual effect which is especially practical for outdoor signs. On the whole letters can often be fairly quickly carved with a somewhat forgiving technique. My instructions were for a spontaneous feel, and the words ‘Felt maker’ had to be smaller than the name.

In using Chris’ method, the purchase of a set of tools is preliminary to the serious study of carving. You don’t have to level the complete backdrop – you can also simply even out a certain amount of area around your design. The sign backing is not the only part of the final sign that you can make more aesthetic.

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