Since your wood is floating, it may wobble if your subfloor isn’t even so just having the transition over 1 piece is probably better. The Bruce is very textured so we are not sure it would refinish well. After looking at more samples today I agree with what you said that the different color will be enough to to not look bad.

While more of our suggestions fall into the white or beige family, there are a few bolder choices that work just as beautifully with wood trim. A white oak vanity and woven baskets create a pleasing middle ground between ar-15 with wooden furniture black hex tiles and white beadboard and subway tile. Evoke rustic charm.The combination of exposed wooden beams with bright white walls and an elegant freestanding tub creates the ultimate country bathroom.

Rich navy wall colors like Deep Ocean by Dunn Edwards look regal in a dining room when paired with cherry-toned floors or trim. Just make sure you match and coordinate any amber wood tones in your dinner table set with your flooring. A few of our favorite wall colors for warm light wood floors include Decorator’s White By Benjamin Moore and Superwhite by Sherwin-Williams. When looking at a paint fan deck, interior designers recommend choosing the lightest color on the swatch for dark wood floors. After that, you can move towards darker shades on the swatch for accent colors.

Furniture, tapestries, paintings, murals and rugs are all ways to accessorize a room. Placement is less of a concern than color, which again reverts back to personal preference, since some people prefer contrasting and some individuals prefer blended. Light-colored furniture, such as a pale tan or a cream-colored leather, works well if the walls match the floor or are a blended secondary color. Darker furniture that matches the floor or runs with secondary colors is ideal if you have contrasting wainscoting or walls. Dark colors tend to absorb light and in the eyes of some people can make the space feels smaller, but there are ways to work around this issue.

12 years ago I painted the living room an army green. We have four large windows, a front door with lots of light, and a mirror so it didn’t feel as dark as some would think. The dining room is a warm neutral with a gold tone. However, I’m ready to make a change in the living room and have been considering Revere Pewter or something else in the” greige” family that has a warm undertone. Our wood has the reddish cast to it so I can’t get too cold with the color choice. That is the one thing I would suggest to others in this situation.