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A lot of people have been asking “Why Big Brother Naija Live Had Been So Popular Till Now?” because the show has been off-air for a while now. In other words, people find it hard to watch a TV show that is not on the air anymore. Even though it may be disappointing for those who want to watch Big Brother Naija live, it’s not going to stop them from watching other shows on TV instead of still waiting patiently for its return.

But most people don’t know the real reason why Big Brother Naija Live has been so popular. For one thing, most people haven’t even seen it because they don’t have access to cable television. Most Nigerians also find it hard to watch the show because their television sets are often not in working condition. A lot of them also complain that some of the fights that broke out on BBNaija left them traumatized. So these are some of the reasons why the show has been off-air for some time now.

But, there is another reason why BBNaija live has become very popular again. And that is because of its return on newUtv on Sunday 27 June at 8 PM. For those who are not aware, newUtv is the newest cable TV channel in Nigeria. It was created to bring “Africa’s Firsts” to Nigeria. Since it has just made its debut, people are optimistic about its future because it promises to bring the best television experience that they have ever had before.

And Big Brother Naija live is one of the “Africa’s Firsts” that newUtv has brought to Nigeria. According to reports, all of the housemates in Big Brother Naija 2016 were selected by means of auditions that were held across Nigeria early this year. This means that anyone can apply for it after the proper screening and selection process. As of right now, the show is on air every Sunday at 8 PM.

And judging by some reports, there are different versions of Big Brother Naija live. Some of the versions allow more housemates while some only have seven housemates. Some of these versions also feature certain types of cuisine while others do not. For instance, it is reported that while some versions of the program only feature Nigerian delicacies, other versions include dishes from different parts of the world. Some are even said to have swimming pool rooms in them which can be used for swimming or dancing during parties with friends and family members who are invited with them on the show. Some will even be able to save the money made by the show while others will not.

But this is all just speculation. What we can say for sure is that Big Brother Naija live returns on newUtv on Sunday at 8 pm with Naija’s first-ever All-Girls House. The show will have seven housemates who are all women, each of whom has their own identity, interests, and hobbies. According to reports, they are also very different from each other in terms of personalities, hobbies, and backgrounds. So it should be very interesting to watch them live together in one house without anyone knowing who they are.

But there’s, even more, to watch in 2016 because newUtv has also brought back The Headies Awards which will take place this Saturday. The show will be held at the FESTAC Arena, Lagos, and will probably bring some of the biggest stars in the Nigerian entertainment industry to the event. It is expected that many celebrities will be attending this year’s show because they want to win awards for their work. Based on past reports, all of the nominees are set to attend even without winning awards because it is expected that they can’t resist an invitation to attend The Headies Awards.

And as a lot of people would expect, there will be a lot of surprises at The Headies 2016 as well.


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