Using social media in 2022 can be a bit tricky as 65 of them exist and professionals might get confused about which one to use. With over half of the world’s population using social media platforms, the market is too huge, and you can get the best outcome if these platforms are used strategically. If your marketing team is aware, then social media is the most profitable marketing channel that your company can ever use. If you are using Instagram, you can get Instagram followers from SimplyGram service to increase your business reach. It is the best way to connect with the customers and get the leads that will be paying you in the future.
Of course, using one SM is good, but being present on different platforms will be the best option. This article will explain a bit about the best social media platforms in existence.


With 1 billion daily active users, Facebook is a market that any business cannot ignore at all. The major source of income for this website is ads and the company is working hard to get on top of the market. For businesses, there is no other platform that is as easier and supportive as Facebook is. From building a mail list to find the target audience, you get everything from this platform with just a few clicks. You can create general or private groups to interact with your customers, and this will increase brand awareness.


The platform’s success exploded as soon as it was launched in 2010. With over 800 million users, you get a base that is yet to be tapped. It is one of the best platforms that have ever existed. To get a business boom on Instagram, all you need is a team of professional photographers and post at regular intervals to engage your audience. Place a link to your website in your bio, and you will get traffic that is 100% organic. Optimize your content to expand your reach and place hashtags that will get your content the views that you have always wanted.


The platform is used by the most powerful people in the world to express their views and ideas. Twitter is all about content and a strong one. Post tweets about your business, and you will get the engagement that you have never thought of. It is a powerful tool that can take your brand to the next level and get you a loyal audience. Here, the trick is to answer the questions of your followers in the best possible ways to engage them. Make sure that your customers never feel stranded, and their tweets are answered the soonest possible.


A good business needs a good team, and LinkedIn is the best platform that will get you the professionals that you require. Build a company portfolio on this platform and use a premium account to attract professionals. Share content about your company or post generally to engage your followers. Take a look at the brand pages that are on the platform, and you will get an idea. It is a strictly professional network, so optimize your page accordingly. Most people do not visit LinkedIn for shopping or entertainment. 

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