How to Promote Music

The professional musician’s primary goal is to make money off of music. Unfortunately, the industry is not what it used to be. With streaming services, online sales shrinking sales, and people spending less on albums, you need a plan if you are looking to make bank off of your music. This article will offer some tips on how to promote your own songs through social media., as well as where you can find more information about how the industry works in today’s market!

How to Promote Music: Social Media

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you know that social media is a big deal. While most people use it for personal or professional reasons, it can also be used as a tool for promoting your own music. Start by using Facebook to create a page for your music and connect with fans online. You can also use this as a chance to sell songs and merchandise through your page and correct people’s spelling of your name (you’d be surprised how many people spell it wrong!). Another great way to promote your music is by streaming songs on YouTube, especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have any recorded material out there yet. This way, you have something to promote, but not everything is music. This is a great way to reach more people without having to pay for advertising. You don’t need any special equipment to use YouTube, just a good internet connection and a webcam.

How to Promote Music: Offline

This might be hard for some people because of the Internet being around 24/7, but if you are trying to cater more towards the underground scene, you can still reach people by making your music available at physical record stores or on CDBaby or iTunes. Keep in mind that this is easier said than done since most major record labels do not allow their artists to sell their own material. However, if you are an indie artist or even if you are signed to a major label but still want to sell your music, you can still do so. However, know that it will be even more of a challenge to get people to your shows.

How to Promote Music: Marketing

Once you have everything set up for your music, it’s time to let the marketing begin! Post on social media about how awesome your new album is and send out emails individually about what services you offer. Even set up a website for yourself on WordPress or Blogger so you have another outlet for promoting yourself and your music. You can also go to trade shows with T-shirts made up with your name on them. The point is to get noticed, and there are plenty of ways to accomplish that! Just remember, you need to stick with it so you don’t lose steam, or else all the promotion is useless.

How to Promote Music: Conferences

There are many conferences out there specifically for Music promotion and concerts. These are great places to meet people in the industry, including music managers and record label owners that can help you get your music even more exposure than it already gets. Conferences start at $30 per person, but they usually include free seminars about promoting music as well as access to special events after the conference hours are over.

How to Promote Music: Buying Product

Many artists have found success in making their own merchandise to sell at concerts or online. It is an extra way to grow your fan base, even if you are just selling CDs, T-shirts, or stickers to people for a small price. You can also talk to the label you’re with and see if they would be able to help you by putting up a website with your music for sales, letting people buy it on iTunes, and even giving them credit on your website where you sell your music.

How to Promote Music: Radio

Radio shows are great for promoting new music because it gets the attention of other media. Even getting on MySpace or Facebook can get people talking about you or your latest album. If you are signed to a label, try doing some cuts for radio stations in your area. This is easier said than done since many stations are run by promoters who will make their own cuts instead of hearing others instead.


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