Coffin Differ

You may never know the difference between a coffin and a casket if you have never found yourself in a funeral arrangement. Although coffins and caskets serve the same purpose, there are slight differences, which you may overlook when you are just an observer. Tradition, culture, status, and religion are some of the things to consider when choosing between a coffin or a casket for your loved one’s funeral. 

For example, an ordinary citizen will be buried differently from a military officer. However, it is essential to know the difference between coffins and caskets for knowledge purposes. Read on to find out how a coffin differs from a casket.

Shape and Design

A casket is a specially designed wooden box that contains the deceased body during funeral service and body viewing. Caskets are rectangular and most popular in funerals. If you want to buy a casket, it will help buying it from sellers who would deliver it directly to the funeral home, such as Titan Casket.

On the other hand, a coffin is a specially designed box that holds the deceased body during a funeral service and body viewing. Unlike a rectangular casket, a coffin has six sides, with a wider top than the bottom. 

They Differ in Prices

Caskets are generally costly; they are designed with a delicate lining with extra features like cushions and trimming. They also come with a double lid top that allows viewing. The prices differ with customization; a casket with a more elaborate feature will be a little expensive compared to a simple casket. A coffin is not so expensive because it is usually made from plywood or fiberboards, with a flat lid and plastic handles. A more customized coffin will come with metal handles, a tiered lid, and a varnish finish. They are ideal for low-budget funerals since their prices are wallet-friendly.

Differ in Construction Materials

There are plenty of materials used to make caskets which, as a result, determine their prices. They can be constructed from steel metal, copper, bronze or gold, stainless steel metal, mahogany or walnut, oak, birch or maple, and many more. 

Most materials that make caskets can also make coffins, such as metal and wood; however, most people look for coffins made from environment-friendly materials such as bamboo sticks.

Furnishing and Lining

Coffins have individual handles made from precious metal like gold intended for decoration or attaching cords rather than carrying the coffin. The interior lining can be made from velvet or polyester, or related material, with its parts being connected with the help of steel or iron nails.

On the other hand, caskets are usually furnished with a bar handle running its length to carry the casket. Its lining is more lavish than a coffin; velvet and cushion use are standard interior features for caskets.

Final Thought

Funerals and burial ceremonies are not happy occasions; however, giving your loved one a decent sendoff is paramount. If you want a nice coffin or casket, you have plenty of choices. It depends on your budget and the status of the deceased. However, do not confuse a deceased casket with a cremated ashes casket used for burial or storage of cremated remains.


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