Epitope Binning

Antibody engineering has witnessed significant advancements in recent times. With this, it has been possible to generate large pools of antibodies that can help with various types of diseases and drug therapies. However, when creating categories of antibodies based on where they attach to the target protein and their interaction with therapeutic targets, there is a need to use high throughput analytics. With that said, the following are some of the most commonly used epitope binning techniques that add efficiency to the process while also helping you save time, reduce the load on manpower, among other benefits.

  • Continuous Flow Microspotting

This is a mechanism that is performed using Continuous Flow Mircospotter technology. This technology deposits around 96 biomolecules as a series of spots that are quite distinct onto a surface of the sensor with the help of flow. What differentiates this technology from a multitude of others is that other technologies and tools work for the deposition of en-masse material droplets. On the other hand, the Continuous Flow Microspotter offers the highest form of precision as it comes with 10,000-fold better sensitivity. What’s more, is that the concentrations are printed at 1,000 times more diluted quality.

  • Scanning SPR Array Imagining

There are various types of epitope software that make use of SPR array imagining. In this procedure, two components are put to use— CCD camera detection and hemispheric prism. Using these two components on analyte injections, around 96 reference spots associated with the analyte solution are created in real-time. This means, in a single run that is completely automated, around 9,216 interactions are delivered. After this, SPR minima are calculated for every array location as well as time frame, after which, there is a conversion to a shift in the response.

  • SPRi Express Setup Tool

The Express Setup Tool has been designed in order to make the process of setting up experiments for array-based biosensors way quicker and time-saving. The Express Setup Tool uses a single, simple interface that helps in various tasks such as the entry of sample species, selection of these samples as well as the tracking process. These factors can be managed and adjusted using this interface for different experiments. The introduction of the Express Setup Tool has helped in the simplification of the experimental setup. In fact, one can conveniently use Windows computers and devices for running the tool, which allows you to monitor the experiment even as you’re not present in the interaction lab.

Epitope binning is a very useful process that helps in the pairwise combination testing of antibodies so that target areas for therapeutic interventions can be identified. However, the process has also been known to be labor-intensive, requiring too much time for every single step. This has been made extremely easy because of the recent advancements in the field of bioengineering. With the help of different epitope binning software and tools and technology, you can apply epitope binning to develop drug therapies for different diseases and disorders.


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