Ford Explorer Listings

Are you planning to purchase a car? If you like SUVs, then you could go for a Ford Explorer. It’s pretty popular in some parts of the U.S., but it might not be as common in your area, or it might be more challenging to find one for sale.

According to reports, in 2020, Americans bought an approximate total of 14,471,800 million cars.

Of those, 9,854,000 million were classified as light trucks. That leaves 4,617,800 cars sold that were not light trucks.

So, here are seven factors I consider when looking through Ford Explorer listings near me. and I hope that helps you make your purchase decision.

1) How Old Are the Listings? 

You’ll likely find lots of older listings if you’re browsing in the summertime. If it’s peak car-buying season, there might be plenty of new listings too.

It means that if you’re looking for a Ford Explorer in the winter, it might be well worth your time to browse a few days or weeks later. You’ll find that the listings have been adjusted down in price from the average asking prices of months earlier.

2) How Many Listings Are There? 

If fewer cars are listed, you might assume that the vehicle has less competition. Ford Explorer is a popular car, and its demand is always high. You must verify the dealer’s asking price for yourself, but you can use the low number of listings as a bargaining chip.

3) Do The Listings Have Photos? 

It’s always best to browse through car listings that have photos. If it’s an online listing, you can check if any or many images are available. Make sure that the images are not incredibly small or of poor quality. You’ll find that some listings have fewer pictures than others if they were put online recently, but the best listings have several photos to go with the description.

4) What’s The Condition Of The Exterior And Interior? 

It’s essential to inspect the exterior and interior of any vehicle that you’re interested in buying. If the car is dirty or damaged, it might not be worth your time to check it out further. However, if you can get a feel for the vehicle’s exterior and interior condition, you’ll have an easier time comparing prices with other cars.

5) Is The Body Style Of Your Interest? 

Ford vehicles are manufactured in a variety of body styles. SUVs have become more popular over time, but sedans and hatchbacks are still standard. If you’re looking for an SUV, then Ford Explorer might be the best choice for you. The results page may show several body styles, including multiple makes and models.

6) How Many Owners Does It Have? 

It’s possible to find cars with one owner instead of several, but it could make a difference in its overall value. Knowing how many others have owned the vehicle might also help you determine if it has been well cared for over time. Some listings appear on sites like CarFax, even if the car doesn’t have one.

7) What Is The Condition And Mileage Of The Vehicle? 

There are some listings where you might not be able to learn about how well it’s been cared for or its mileage. However, it’s easier to tell if a vehicle has extensive wear and tear at first glance in person. If you’re unable to inspect the Ford Explorer listings, try looking at photos of it.

Additional Special Features of Ford Explorer

1) A New Version of MyFord Touch

The Ford Explorer was previously featured with MyFord Touch, but a new version of the control system was used on some cars. It had more than 60 percent fewer problems than any other models in its class.

The screen is larger too, so it feels like more of an upgrade. On older versions of MyFord Touch, it took time for drivers to learn how to use the controls. The new version is mainly intuitive and much easier to navigate through.

2) What Is EcoBoost?

Ford believes in making cars more fuel-efficient by using technology like EcoBoost. It offers three different engine choices, but you might choose one of the turbocharged engines.

You’ll feel like you’ve made an economical choice, and the gas mileage is getting better over time. It might mean that you can enjoy a range of around 500 miles between fill-ups with EcoBoost engines.

3) Spacious Interiors

If you’re looking for comfort in addition to practicality, then Ford Explorer might be the right car. It has more interior space than some other types of vehicles in its class, so it’s easier to drive for many passengers. If you go out with an extended family or want to make friends on vacation with you, Ford Explorer is an excellent option to meet your needs.

4) Standard Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Ford models are available with Bluetooth wireless technology, a standard safety feature. It has been found to reduce the likelihood of an accident by half when it’s properly installed.


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