Check out our cowboy boots recommendations for men with big calves and wide feet or women with high insteps. Standard cowboy boots are made roomy at the ankles to help your feet get inside easier. However, the downside of this is that you can’t get a perfect fit for your ankles, even with customs.

I gave these boots as a present to my daughter on Christmas this year, and she loved them. Because they fit your ankles, you can enjoy the better movement of your feet and ankles, plus they look slender, which is unique to zipper boots. First and foremost, zippers make it easy to get your boots on and off. But before we dive into all the benefits, let’s look at the fundamentals and history of zippers. If you’ve been wearing pull-on or lace-up boots your whole cowboy life, it is worth trying your feet in zippered ones just for their ease of use. However, zippers can serve many other purposes that pull-on and laces simply can’t.

These Ariats are constructed entirely of high-quality leather and comfortable footbed. The leather will stretch as you wear them and mold them to fit your feet. Many people avoid zipper cowboy boots because they might not be comfortable. However, cowboy boots with zippers feel just as pleasant on your feet as regular boots, if not more. The best cowboy boots with zippers on the side are Soto Ropers H4003.

Dona Michi Leather promise their customers to provide better quality products at very reasonable prices. These boots come in eight colors, from red and pink to cognac and rosemary. It’s said that the Chicago inventor who came up with the idea of zippers made them for his friend who had a stiff back and couldn’t comfortably tie his laces. Handcrafted by Stetson’s legendary bootmakers from premium leather that’s designed to patina handsomely over time. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Every pair is carefully handcrafted, respecting the old tradition of three generations.

With comfort in mind, these dress boots for men have a supportive arch, a comfort cushioned insole, and a breathable mesh lining. The side zipper and pull tabs of this men’s western boot offers an easy fit and lightweight build. Also features moisture-wicking cover keeps feet cool and dry. Ariat Rambler western boots are my top cowboy boots for people with wide feet.

Each pair is lasted, stitched and tooled by hand to ensure absolute comfort and performance. Frontier-tough, they conform to the wearer over time for years of reliable service. A classic addition to any wardrobe, these boots are a fitting companion for adventurers and anyone with a strong appreciation for objects that are made well and get better with age. Wrangler® men’s jeans and pants come in a variety of fits and styles.

The zipper makes putting them on regularly much more straightforward, and your boots stay in place and give your feet firm, consistent support throughout your arch. A zipper is used to fully or partially open or close parts of clothing, bags, or boots by merely pulling it. The zipper, or the “clasp locker,” as it was first called, came to be in 1891.

The side zipper makes getting your foot in or out very easy. Their glossy texture and punched wingtip pattern will stand out in formal settings. When you have pull-on or lace-up boots, you have to be careful not to make them too tight or too loose. Or worse, you try not to make one boot tighter than the other.

Zippers make putting on and pulling off your boots much faster. When you walk around in boots daily, tying and untying them can seem like a chore.

To get this sizing, measure from your heel to your big toe and refer to the sizing chart below. It is important to note that new boots fit snugly at the insept, arch and ball of the foot. Boots will eventually “break in” and conform to your quito’s restaurant foot. I recommend these boots because not only are they comfortable, but they also have a very classic feel. They are available in shades of black and caramel in different sizes. However, it doesn’t go well with water since it’s leather.