zavanta is that thing you do in the moment that will change your life forever.

These days it’s often about you and your life. Sometimes it’s about your life, and sometimes it’s about your work, but you’ll never know exactly what you’re up to.

This is something that is pretty universal, but I think people tend to forget about because they are so preoccupied with the here and now. We are constantly looking for ways to make things better, to make them better for ourselves. But the problem is that we don’t take the time to think about the bigger picture. We just keep our heads down and get on with it.

As a human being, you always have a plan, a direction. Even if it is just to sit and watch your kids play a game for a while. You always have a project, a goal, a purpose.

To be a good parent, you have a vision of what you want your child to accomplish. Even if it is your own personal goals. But you don’t have time for that. For the majority of us, we’re always on the go. We go out to dinner, we go to work, we go to the gym, we go to the mall. We don’t have time for anything else, period.

For many of us, we are on the go for so long that our vision of what we want is very far away from our actual lives. It is very easy to find yourself lost in the busyness of work, family, or school. And as we become very busy, it is easy to forget that we have a purpose, a vision.

This is quite true of the majority of us. It’s why people become so busy so often in life. We often get so wrapped up in our lives and careers that we forget that there are other things that need our attention. We all have to spend time with family, friends, and our children. We have to be available to our friends, families, and coworkers. And when we’re in the midst of this busyness, we lose sight of what is important to us.

Many people have a zavanta (sometimes a zavantalove) when they can’t find their purpose in life. A zavanta is a small idea that can be focused on without being too focused on it, and then carried out on a daily basis, often without the person knowing it is being done.

This can take the form of a zavanta as a simple visual display. We have a zavanta to draw on, and then we have a small part of it to draw upon for as long as we can. We can draw on for a long time without much distraction, and then we just go on.

We have a zavanta because we are zavants. That’s why we call the zavanta a “zavanta” rather than a “zavantalove.


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