There has been a discussion about whether essay writing should play such a big role in academic education. The Anglo Saxon educational system is based on writing assignments. Is it really a good thing? There is no way to tell absolute numbers, but there are reasons why essays are still very important and not only for education. We know that many students struggle to find motivation to complete their academic writing assignments on time. How many students complain that such assignments have nothing to do with their future career, their real lives, and actual assignments that they will face as professionals. To some extent and from that first glance it may seem like the truth. Very rarely you will face exactly the same type of assignment as essay writing, hardly ever. Still, in this article we all want to show you why essay writing is important, and can later be useful in your professional life. Essays are important, let us show you how. 

Essays strengthen your writing skills 

It may sound obvious but way too many students ignore this fact. For some reason students tend to think that writing skills have nothing to do with real life writing skills. You are not born with writing abilities. Writing abilities should be developed. It is the best way to develop them through ongoing practice. Essay writing assignments and sure. Practice is diverse, repeated, and is assessed by professionals. This way you don’t only learn how to write, how to express your ideas in writing, but also the invaluable reactions from professionals. I want a brain that learns when seeing what it does right and what it does wrong. Grades you get for your essays and professors comments you’re writing are important to strengthen your overall writing skills and understanding of particular text should be composed and presented. 

Essays teach you research and information structuring 

You may not need to write an essay about the book you have read, or about gender studies developed in the 19th century, when you have actual work. However, you will face many situations in which you need to present your ideas clearly. Before you do it, you need to collect information, analyze it, find the most suitable facts, cover them with some effective words, and present them in a needed format. It may be a letter to your supervisor, it may be our presentation for your clients, it may be a letter you write to some government officials. Skills. Strengthen while doing research for your essays and research papers in college and university, will definitely come in handy. 

Essay writing develops critical thinking 

There are so many talks about critical thinking and its importance for your daily life. Critical thinking is mentioned when they talk about politics, attitude to social issues, to equality and inequality, to fake and even covid vaccination. People who make their point just using the motions and unchecked information are normally accused of not having critical thinking abilities. When writing essays, you need to gather lots of information, analyze it, and choose just the most relevant one. You also cannot just quote someone, you need to rethink what was sad and then summarize and paraphrase it. It all influences your critical thinking well. 

Essay writing skills help you move forward

Maybe you have already noticed that whatever you need from officials, professors, scholarship committees, admission committees, you have got through writing some sort of an essay. It may be a scholarship where you need to answer many questions or just the one question and make the committee decide on your candidacy bait for your education or other education related expenses. It may be a project presentation for a start-up supporting fund that should decide whether your startup is worth it to invest money in it. It may be a cover letter for your dream job. In the end, writing a well-structured paper of a required purpose at that needed level of quality helps you move forward towards your goals. While there are so many courses on public speaking that should supposedly help you in your career development. Our opinion is that there should be much more writing courses for adults. It is not a secret. Students ignore developing essay writing skills while in college, which later can damage their career path. 

Essay writing comes with its challenges

We can talk endlessly about how important essay writing is, how it can truly help you in life, how critical thinking makes you a smarter and more adaptive person. However, it would be unfair not to mention all the challenges essay writing brings. Well, we cannot mention all of them in one article, better say in one abstract, but we will try to mention the most important ones. Essay writing is time consuming. Sometimes even when you know exactly what to write and how to write you simply don’t have time for custom essay writing, we need to address professionals to help you out online. Essay writing is confusing. There is so much information related to every issue nowadays even if you use Google Scholar instead of a simple Google you still find yourself exposed to endless articles in peer-reviewed journals. Gathering information is confusing and time-consuming don’t forget you still need to structure it and turn it into an essay. Still, we hope that all the listed virtues of essay writing make you feel motivated to overcome its challenges.

Motivation is critical when it comes to basically any activity. You may see a lack of motivation to deal with a particular essay writing assignment. It is true that some essays may feel absolutely useless and silly. Think of them as just another exercise to strengthen your critical thinking, research, analytical, overall writing skills. Normally, we don’t like fitness exercises, but we enjoy the result if we try long enough. The same logic should work when dealing with essays you don’t enjoy writing. Good luck with your next assignment!


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