If you’re wearing a cowboy hat of any color in public, otherswill expectto see you wearing a slick pair of cowboy boots to match. This isn’t to say you’ll become a villain in the eyes of others should you decide to wear one. In fact, the black cowboy hat is themost popularof its kind for both ladies and men.

You need to know that there isn’t any rule or standard when one has to label the cowboy hat quality. There are times a hat can have 500X when in reality it has 10X. Hence, you need to be watchful of the brand you are selecting from.

The origins of this practice might be practical in nature, as placing it that way will prevent thebrim from flatteningand help maintain the hats’ original shape. For example, if you’re attending church for any reason, take your hatoffwhile inside the building. “Your wife whinges if you go out with a dirty hat,” says one cattleman although John McMaster says a dirty hat is the sign of a hard worker – and image is everything. They’re the station hands and managers, the horsemen and camp drafters we call cowboys. Handsome Black Cowboy with an owl in an authentic wild west…

1 No male country music singer has ever been seen without a cowboy hat. When wearing other western-style clothes with your hat, the general rule quito’s restaurant menu of thumb is to compliment it with similar colors. The contrast in colors originally started due to the first Western films being silent movies.

Maybe you’re drawn to it’s dark symbolism, and if that’s the case, more power to you. Black hats are also great for a variety of practical reasons as well. Black absorbs and reflects the most light, making it the hottest color to wear and will keep you warmer than any other color hat. Every black cowboy hat on Tenth Street will be either a wool felt hat or a fur felt hat. A black felt hat is a dynamic duo for the winter months. Reach out if you have any questions or want help finding the right black cowboy hat for you.