What’s more, while her videos generally consist of her eating food, she occasionally put captions regarding the food being eaten, like for example to say how delicious it was. As for the latter, people concluded that because even though she claims to be alone, there is some faint voice that can be heard telling her to “eat fast”, to conclude that she was actually forced to eat. Mukbang is a Korean (먹방) portmanteau for “eating” and “broadcast”. It refers to the act in which the person is eating a variety of food in huge quantity in one sitting.

She posted Mukbang videos, which are videos that showed her eating large amounts of seafood. In August 2017, writer and cartoonist Adam Ellis posted a series of tweets in which he detailed a possible haunting in his apartment, centered around vivid dreams in which a dead child named “Dear David” would torment him. He could ask David two questions, but was told to NEVER ask a third… The tweets became a viral sensation, with the creepy experiences snowballing into a series of bizarre events, backed up with photo, audio and video evidence. The Twitterverse exploded with theories and debate with eagle-eyed followers using technology to notice small hidden details and go even deeper into the rabbit hole.

Sit with us as we explore a bit into EVP, and play some of our favorite recordings plucked from the internet. Tonight, we discuss the world famous Haunted House attraction that offers $20,000 dollars to anyone who can complete it- the infamous McKamey Manor. People from all over place themselves on a two-year waiting list to experience what is considered the king of the “Extreme Haunted House” experiences that have taken over modern horror culture.

Kate Yup is a YouTuber and social media personality from the United States. She is well-known for posting videos of herself eating seafood on social media. She displays messages about the food consumed, which may contain hidden messages. She maintains an extensive social network and fan base online. Explore Kate Yup’s Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Body Measurements, Net Worth, Family, Career, and many more Facts in her bio.

So lace up your Nikes, and join us on this VERY interesting journey. Tonight, we discuss the bizarre, disturbing, and… Hilarious methods by which people were tortured and executed throughout history. Were these techniques real, or just sadistic fantasy? In 1971 a book was published, titled “The Anarchist’s Cookbook”, which contained beer glasses vintage instructions for the creation of explosive devices, drugs, and anything that could be used to fight the government during the counterculture era. The book came under review by federal authorities, who determined that it was mostly useless and was protected by the 1st amendment, and the book fell out of publication 20 years later.

But then there are the myriad of bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding the two Georgians. Elisa’s body was found days later inside of of the water tanks on the hotel rooftop, an area only accessible by hotel staff. The official cause of death was accidental drowning, but given what we know eight years later, was that really what happened? Join us as we try and make sense of one of the most puzzling deaths from the last decade. Up until she disappeared, Kate Yup managed to keep several aspects of her true identity hidden from the public. When she started posting videos on Youtube in 2018, there were several speculations about her national identity.

While the videos are originally intended to be mere ASMR videos, they provoked lots of other cases. The only thing you will ever hear in her content is her chewing and that’s it. As to what the origin of the threatening voices was, YouTuber Leon Lush discredited the claims in his video about Yup and stated that those alleged voices were her own which were picked up by her microphone. “Also, the bowl moves (so what?) because her other hand is resting on it. Finally, her lip does not look busted, it’s either a cold sore or a bad blemish,” she further wrote.

Before that, one of her videos had gained a lot of attention because she had filmed it with a bruise on her left hand and a cut on her lip. Those injuries further crystallized the conspiracy theory that she had been held captive and forced to post those videos by her captors. Her videos generally consist of her eating seafood.

Sometimes doing so leads to a group of people engaging in what is known as “Mass Psychogenic Illness”, or “Mass Hysteria”. We explore some examples recent and old, from the ridiculous to the disturbing, and even some examples that tend to repeat themselves. For 84 years, there existed a small, dark stain in the heart of America. A place where travelers of the night passing through a small town in Ohio were likely to be surrounded by rapists, drug dealers, murderers and sex traffickers and not realize it.