This match attracted more worldwide interest than any chess championship before or since. In July 1956, Fischer won the US Junior Chess Championship, scoring 8½/10 at Philadelphia to become the youngest-ever Junior Champion at age 13. At the 1956 US Open Chess Championship in Oklahoma City, he scored 8½/12 to tie for 4th–8th places, with Arthur Bisguier winning. In the first Canadian Open Chess Championship at Montreal 1956, he scored 7/10 to tie for 8th–12th places, with Larry Evans winning.

So what can I say in alomst one sentence and not take much time out of what I was doing or have to do, so here it is…… I’ve had a serious accident when I was 10 years old, and it left me with some temporal damage in my brain, including partial amnesia, migraines, black outs, and such. I hate to point out the obvious, but it is comically meaningless to assign IQs to geniuses.

Clearly these are made up numbers based on who is supposed to be the best chess player, as if there should be a direct correlation with IQ. On the 20th anniversary of his game with Fischer that took place in 1973, the two met again for a rematch in Yugoslavia. All the Americans were issued with a travel ban to the country.

Chess is one of the games that need intelligence and concentration. Besides, many people love to play it as it activates memory and helps in developing the level of intelligence. In addition, Bobby Fischer has a different way of thinking and a great passion for the Chess game. So, he masters this game with all its rules from the age of 6 years. The surprising fact is that when he died his age was 64 which is the number of the Chess squares. So, let’s check his life path and how he got this great fame with his high IQ.

Time flew and Fischer ignored his friends, as he liked to be alone with one around because he felt that human beings are capable of reaching new heights. He was filled with aggression so much so, that he offended the Icelanders by calling their country inadequate because of its lack of movie theatres and bowling alleys. He possessed an IQ of 180, higher than Albert Einstein’s, but his life and career took unexpectedly bizarre routes. Dhruv Munjal salutes the strange genius of Bobby Fischer. Such situations were common to the chess genius who would often make tournament organizers abide to his requests, no matter how specific they were.

On this tour the club played a series of matches against other clubs. Fischer played second board, behind International Master Norman Whitaker. Whitaker and Fischer were the club’s leading scorers, each scoring 5½ points out of 7 games. In March 1949, six-year-old Bobby and his sister Joan learned how to play chess using the instructions from a set bought at a candy store. When Joan lost interest in chess and Regina did not have time to play, Fischer was left to play many of his first games against himself.

Unfortunately, Kasparov and Bobby Fischer never played one another, meaning we will never know what kind of head-to-head they might have had. Fischer continued to travel but was arrested in 2004 in Japan for trying say pumpkin in spanish to travel with his revoked United States passport. Facing what he considered unjust treatment from his mother country, Bobby Fischer applied for Icelandic citizenship, and the country granted it to him.

@awe lotta thanks for joining the site to leave your feedback. I am gelogist, my field is far from neurosciences but I read “Emotional intelligence” from Daniel Goleman and he also quoted several intelligences and critizied the test. Wikipedia spanish page is where I took the test is considered pseudoscience. Far from being a genius, I am very stupid in most of facets of life; that test just measures one of the nine types of intelligence (logical-mathematical). Fischer’s vanishing from the public eye sent journalists, authors and film-makers on an unprecedented manhunt, the search for a reclusive genius who taught the world to play and dramatically raised the profile of his sport.

He concentrates too much on chess when he can use his iq to help the world perhaps invent something like thomas edison. Now bobby fischer was also at 190 and like carlsen infatuated with chess. There haven’t been any chess grandmasters that we know of who didn’t have an IQ of the top 1%.