The video claims that the first beer to be released through this project is crHeam Ale, a beer infused with helium. The video claims the idea behind the drink was infusing beer with one of the noble gases, and helium was the safest option. A day after Sam Adams put out their statement about the helium beer, the Stone Brewing Company released a video depicting a tasting of their version of helium beer aptly named Cram. The video went viral in a matter of hours, and people started inundating the two companies with requests for details about the beer. The video confirmed that the helium-infused beer would, in fact, take a childhood novelty and turn it into an adult beverage.

Those two guys pretended to taste helium beer that has changed their voices. But, the whole prank started off as an April’s Fool back in 2014. Two breweries, Stone Brewing Co. and Samuel Adams both posted a video on April 1, 2014, of a newly invented helium beer, that would actually pitch your voice. The whole fictitious helium beer style started as an April’s Fool by a brewing company called Stone Brewing Co.

Anyone interested in home brewing, like me, gets excited when they come across new, innovative ways of brewing beer. I was not surprised when I first heard about the most talked trend among beer lovers— the Helium Beer. Nitrogenated beer taps exist to make beer creamier.

Starting today, you can find this fantastic new beer in a bottle store or a pub near you. Watch the video on the Cr am Ale Stochastic Stone Project website to discover what inspired this unique product. As of this article’s writing, these are the only known ways to buy helium beer. Tanks have some disadvantages when integrating the helium to beer.

‘Lightened from heavier gases like CO2, HeliYum takes advantages of the properties of helium — one of the noble gases — for a truly remarkable brew. It took some time before people started noticing the silence on the part of the manufacturers was not going away. There were no other videos or news releases that had come out since the first two. The timing of the two releases, March 31, 2014, and April 1, 2014, was finally illuminated by a few inside the circle of the beer community.

Better hurry, I hear this beer is only available today, April 1st… This sums up the harsh truth for all beer lovers who will never be able to experience helium beer. We all want the cartoon-style high-pitch voice from drinking a “helium” beer, but it just doesn’t happen. There are just a few problems with using helium instead of carbon dioxide, the biggest being helium’s solubility with water. The HeliYUM beer specifically convinced many people of its existence.

In physics, it is observed that freezing temperatures cause molecules to slow down or stop. This slowdown creates a hardening or freezing effect on the object. Liquids are defined as such because of the free-flowing molecules. Once those molecules are frozen, they band together and create a solid. In the case of fluids, however, once the frozen object is exposed to heat, it melts and returns to a frozen state.

For their purposes, however, they took a homebrewed batch of stout and subjected it to 50 psi of helium pressure for five days. Adding liquid helium to beer would result in a block of beer-coloured ice – it turns from liquid to gas at -220F. Those grenada fruits bored of their usual are getting excited about a hot new trend on the market – helium beer. When many people ask the question ‘how is beer made? ’, they do not realize that the brewing process is necessarily a great big chemistry experiment.