10. Train up a child in the way he should be; when he grows up, he will not depart from chrome will access to citing security it. Which principle supports this? Development is determined by his heredity b.

To maximize the amount of time spent for performance-based assessment, which one should be done? Plan a task that can be used for instruction and assessment at the same time. Assess one objective for one performance task. Set objectives only for cognitive domains. Limit the task to one meeting only.

Begin formal teaching of grammatical rules to children as early as possible.III. Do not require initial formal language teaching for children. To teach via student answers C. To stimulate leamers to ask questions D. To arouse interestand curiosity 77 For maximum interaction, a teacher ought to avoid __________ questions.

A. Some pupils are admittedly not capable of learning. Every pupil has his own native ability and his learning is limited to this nativeabilty. Every child is a potential genius. Which of the following statements represents a physical change?

Sahel a. Italy d. Kalahari b. France 25 _____ is the idea that the national government shares power with the state governments. Germany, busy attending his lucrative medical practice.

D. Good instruction is equal to effective classroom management. He first sang in a church choir and taught himself to play the guitar, but he never learned to read music. By 1953, he had moved to Memphis, Tennessee, graduated from high school, and enrolled in night school to become an electrician. That year, at Sun Records, Presley recorded a personal record for his mother, a song that was heard by the company’s president. As a result of the president’s recognition, Presley’s first record, “That’s all Right, Mama,” was out in 1954. He toured the South, and in 1955 five of his records were released simultaneously.

This means that NSAT and NEAT fall under __________. He keeps giving reasons for not being happy with the dust or others. But the truth is that humans never try how to be happy.

The program provides a wide range of opportunities for individuals with same abilities, needs and interests. Is her belief about the subject-centered curriculum true? Yes, because the subject-centered curriculum focuses on the learners needs, interests and abilities. No, because it is the experience-centered curriculum that emphasizes the teaching of facts and knowledge for future use. Yes, because the subject-centered curriculum involves cooperative control.

Based on Thorndike’s theory on punishment and learning, this shows that _____. B. The teacher is applying Bloom’s hierarchy of cognitive learning. A. The teacher is reinforcing learning by giving the same information in, a variety of methods. A. Require her students to prepare a portfolio. Administer an achievement test.