There are so many types of pumpkins—why stick to the standard orange icon of fall? Pale and monochromatic, bright and bold, eerily enigmatic, or elegantly dark and moody options ariat with mexican flag also abound. Many countries use them as a sign to raise awareness about different disorders. As blue pumpkin signifies autism, purple pumpkin may be for epilepsy.

In color psychology, black can symbolize a lot of different things including mystery, power, sophistication, and of course, death. In the context of Halloween, black is most often meant to signify darkness, death and generally spooky vibes. Bright pumpkin orange will always be my favorite but with so many other gorgeous colors it is tough to decide which is my second favorite. The earthy brown and natural texture of these pumpkins adds a sensory twist to the traditional. If you want really a rare pumpkin, try growing a Blue Pumpkin.

Their seeds can be toasted as a special snack for movie night. ‘Snowball’, ‘Cotton Candy’, and ‘Baby Boo’ are some of the different forms of white pumpkins. They take more than two months to ripen, so if you are planning to sow its seeds, plan accordingly. It has a clear yellow shade, which is best paired with darker tones.

The Casper Pumpkin is a white skinned ornamental pumpkin with a thick orange flesh that is of excellent eating quality. This variety grows to be 9-12 inches in diameter and pounds. Casper’s handle is tan with a corky texture and its skin has less bluing than many other white varieties. One October night, while trying to fall asleep, Jennifer Giles was struck with the image of a white pumpkin. To her, this “pure and sweet pumpkin” symbolized her daughter, Madelyn Grace, who she lost at 38 weeks pregnant.

No symbol of the fall season is as cheerfully ubiquitous as the humble pumpkin. But while these carved and painted gourds are often a treasured reminder of beloved family traditions, many people have also turned them into a vehicle for change. In this article, we have mentioned some fun colors pumpkins can be. The ‘Blue Doll’ is popular to prepare the yummiest pumpkin pies for any feast. It seems strange to hear that pumpkins can be found in white when one usually expects them to be orange in color.

White pumpkins can be used as an alternative in place of orange pumpkins. It can also be eaten in many forms, pie, soup, and many other recipes. Lakota is a beautiful type of red pumpkin with green stripes at the top. It is ideal for preservation so one could savor it even after displaying it for Halloween. Not only that, but this pumpkin color and shape is so uniquely gorgeous that many people call it Cinderella pumpkin — it’s straight out of a fairy tale.

All in all, they provide a color, size, and shape for every decorative idea you have this fall. After you are done with fall or Halloween, instead of discarding the seeds, you could roast them and prepare a great snack for the time when you are lightly hungry. The best thing about ‘Baby Boo’ is that they are easy to grow even in small spaces. First introduced into the US in the late 1800s, the Rouge Vif D’Etampes is a French heirloom with bright red to orange skin. This project is inclusive and allows children to enjoy the Halloween season without any risks. But, chances are you might see them in porches around America as a way to raise awareness and funds for epilepsy research.