From the home buyers’ standpoint, tier 2 cities in India and tier 3 cities in India home towns are more affordable to live in and feasible to work. After all, many industries are investing heavily in IT infrastructure, making work from home a reality for their workforce. Consequently, after adopting the new normal, these companies are unlikely to reverse the trend, as it also allows them to reduce costs incurred on office spaces in the process. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have changed the preferences of NRIs. Now, most of the expat Indians are opting for properties in their home towns mostly in tier 2 cities in India, with the dual objective of providing a house for their parents while they are overseas, as well as their own future living. Work from home seems to be the mantra for most of these NRIs and they are no longer making investments in the metro cities only.

Its Unemployment Rate ranking is up by eight spots since 2020, to #96 in the nation, and its citizens rank #37 for Educational Attainment , while its Income Equality is among the best in the nation, at #6. But as the Google searches by travel-hungry domestic tourists spiked (up 36 spots since 2020, to #45) and the Safe Travels program was lifted, Honolulu started buzzing once again. The home of SXSW (it’s back IRL!) continues its quest to become America’s new hometown. Ambitious and dripping with history, ATL is creating its future mid-flight. Austin may get the attention, but the promise of the Lone Star State drawing Californians and New Yorkers is quietly being fulfilled in Houston.

No wonder the city’s beguiling urban pockets have powered its Neighborhoods ranking up five spots from 2020, to #12 in the country today. In fact, with the city’s crime rate dipping and its Parks & Outdoors ranking inching up, Baltimore is up 21 spots in our vital Place category. New arrivals are increasingly drawn to Raleigh for its affordable housing, its Safety (up an impressive 21 spots to #9 nationally) and rising Prosperity, with the #17 Household Income in the U.S. and a rising Unemployment Rate ranking (#28, a 19-spot improvement since 2020). A thriving desert metropolis that’s now Top 5 nationally by population, Phoenix has seen the fastest growth of any major city in the past decade. According to the latest census data, it added 163,000 residents, bringing the core city’s population to 1.6 million, with its metro on the cusp of 5 million. Amid 300 days of annual sunshine, the obsession with the outdoors today is matched by a commitment to the arts.

Now, real estate stakeholders are looking at the business possibilities and open spaces in the smaller towns- tier 2 cities in India and tier 3 cities in India, from a long-term perspective. In southern India too, attention is shifting from Bengaluru and Hyderabad to tier 2 cities in India like Kochi, Coimbatore, Vizag and other such regions. When a global brokerage firm that is making its foray into the Indian real estate, announced plans to enter the Ayodhya market, many analysts believed that the decision was goaded blurred music app by the hype around the Ram Mandir. However, a closer look reveals that no other city in the state of Uttar Pradesh is showing as much property appreciation as Ayodhya, making it one of the most prospective tier 2 cities. With properties in the top tier 1 cities like Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra getting expensive, tier 2 and tier 3 cities are emerging as promising markets by offering attractive real estate investment options. Noida is one of the top real estate investment destinations and a tier 2 city in India.

Nightlife downtown is meh, but out on the Beaches, you will never want to leave. Surprisingly, it is as far west as Pittsburgh, so it stays light real late. To see the full list of the 100 best cities in the United States, visit Step off the Strip, and you’ll see the city is still abounds with projects like Elon Musk’s 1.7-mile tunnel loop, connecting tourists across the Las Vegas Convention Center campus.

Alma at the Grove is Grupo Hunan’s first U.S. restaurant, with a menu filled with fresh and local ingredients, highlighting a rich culinary history in a traditional hacienda space. In a city famous for hyperbole, it’s not an overstatement to declare that L.A. Teetered on the verge of the COVID-19 abyss multiple times over the past two-plus years. The numbers are grim, of course, with the city’s recording almost 4 million cases and 40,000+ deaths from COVID-19 as of early May 2022, and terms like “infection epicenter” on the lips of global media for the better part of 2020.