Over 1,000 Shopkins have been released since 2014 and they have been a collectible item ever since. Several rarities exist like a limited edition, ultra-rare, common, and precious, but some are harder to come by than others. The ones people struggle to find are those from the limited edition releases as small numbers of them were released. They’re suitable for kids of all agesAnna was introduced to Shopkins last spring at my grandmother’s 90th birthday party. She was four at the time and the only other kid there was much older. This nine-year-old relative had brought a bag full of Shopkins along with her and she and Anna played with them together.

The series also has store-exclusive playsets, including the “Sparkle Hill” playsets and the “Movie Night Besties” pack with exclusive Jessicake and Popette Lil’ Shoppies . The slogan was “Decorate your Place with a Cute Lil’ Face! ” later changed to “Turn Any Space into a Cute Place! ” With only 8 seasons produced, the line was discontinued in 2020. The dolls also come with VIP codes (which are cards or mini magazines, or secret diaries (Lil’ Secrets only) depending on the line), which can be used for the Shopkins World app.

Recently, at a Hanukkah party, each of the kids received a Shopkin and left the party quite happy. For the uninitiated, Shopkins is line of tiny plastic toys, about the size of your thumb or smaller, from Australian-owned Moose Toys. Kids collect them and trade them with friends and classmates.

Similar to the previous season, the season also comes with mini packs of their own, but now features Shopkins as “families”. Each team is considered a “family”, which contains new Shopkins and a new kind of Shopkin, called a “Babykin”, was released as smaller Shopkins to look like “babies” in the family. The limited editions are the “Bubs N Spices” family Shopkins. Season 10, also known as “Mini Packs” was released in June 2018.

They’re the lesser of evilsThey may not be educational, but Shopkinsencourage imaginative play and are far less offensive and annoying than many of the toys on the market these days. They don’t talk, they don’t need batteries, tattedupvixen they don’t require a large group to play and they don’t play into stereotypes or body-image issues. Have you spent any time with a Bratz doll or a robotic cat? Give me a Shopkins collection over an Elmo-of-the-moment any day.

Australian toy maker Moose Toys launched its first Shopkins range in 2014 and has seen “phenomenal growth” in 2016. My 9 year old grandson likes woodzeez , he likes the little animals. He won’t ask for this at family christmas because of that ? We will inform you once the product becomes available.

There were also bundled sets of Shoppies and Shoppets available. The limited editions in the season are the “Shimmery Unicorn” Shopkins, which come in a metallic finish and a unicorn theme. There are hundreds of different characters to collect including rare, ultra rare and special edition figurines. Shopkins come with toy shopping bags and baskets, while youngsters can also get different grocery store playsets to house them.

The original line consisted of three dolls, “Jessicake” “Bubbleisha” and “Popette” respectively, later add 2 new Shoppies, “Peppa-Mint” and “Donatina” in December 2015. Separate lines of the dolls were also produced, including Core Shoppies and Style Shoppies. Beginning in 2018, with 2nd Special Edition Shoppie “Chandelia”, Special Edition Shoppies were released every year, starting in October, and as Target exclusives. Starting in 2016, Limited Edition Shoppies were also available during events in San Diego Comic-Con, until 2018. The first season of Shopkins, was released in June 2014. The first season of Shopkins contained over 150 characters to collect, all based on grocery store items.