Groupings include a light, medium, dark, bright and muted color versions. Color Number C2-305 New Number C2-789 LRV 31.52 Due to differences in monitors and technical factors, cave club characters the colors here cannot be represented with their true qualities. These color samples should only be considered a guide. Please refer to actual C2 swatches for true color.

Similar caution should be used when selecting carpeting and other elements which cover large areas.

There are 37 colour combinations with Voodoo colors. This research aims to discover the psychological effects of colors on individuals, using the students’ union complex in a university campus. This building was chosen due to its richness in color variances. The research method is survey, and questionnaires were drawn up and distributed to an even range of students, comprising both international and local students; undergraduate and graduate. Questionnaires have been collected and analyzed to find out the effects different colors had on students’ moods in different spaces of the students’ union complex. The color swatches may be used as a departure point for interior or exterior color schemes.

Caution should be used in paint and wall covering selections. The colors of the swatches in this publication will be quite different when applied to large interior or exterior surfaces. Muted colors will wind up looking much more colorful. Some colors may turn out too pale, others, too dark. Consult with a paint representative and/or a design professional. Large brush-outs will give you a better idea of end results.

Cute and flat irridescent magenta color voodoo doll without pins figurine. Choosing colors can’t get any easier than this. You’ll be able to pinpoint the precise symbolism of any shade of a color – from light to dark. All of the 100 color swatches are identified by specific symbolic associations, RGB formulas and HEX codes. Color swatches are grouped into red, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, black, white and gray categories.