As a flat panel, metal is a popular option as an alternative for a number of other materials commonly found in interior designs. Weathering Steel is becoming one of the most sought after finishes for residential and commercial projects because of its unique, one-of-a-kind aged finish. When exposed to the elements, the top layer will eventually weather into a beautiful rusted finish.

Explore seven unique and inspiring dark-colored vinyl siding design ideas to inspire your next home design project. The two biggest factors in achieving a rustic appearance on your siding is choosing the right panel profile, and then pairing it with a classic wood truck bed rails rustic color or finish. While it isn’t quite as dent prone as aluminum, a stray baseball or some good-sized hailstones can leave the siding with some unsightly marks. The art of shou sugi ban is simple to understand in theory but difficult to carry out.

Available in both of the longest trending siding styles – horizontal lap siding and vertical board and batten – your home will enjoy the solid and authentic upscale residential look, for life. If thermal efficiency is one of your project’s criteria, Joris Ide imitation wood cladding is also available as an insulated composite panel. The wood effect composite panel combines the aesthetic qualities of wood with the energy performance of the insulation of your choice . When people think of rustic siding designs, one of the first things that comes to mind is Corrugated metal panels. It’s one of the heaviest materials available for using on the exterior of your home, which in turn means that it’s difficult and expensive to install. Special equipment is needed for cutting and attaching the siding, and it often takes longer to install due to its weight.

7/8″ Corrugated, PBR Panel, Western Rib (7.2 Panel). Shop a wide variety of foam closures and foam plugs. High Quality, Natural Illuminating FRP Panels that match our most popular metal roofing profiles. Jointed horizontal siding (also called “drop” siding or novelty siding) may be shiplapped or tongue and grooved . Drop siding comes in a wide variety of face finishes, including Dutch Lap and log siding . However, most paints and stains used to treat wood are not environmentally friendly and can be toxic. Wood siding can provide some minor insulation and structural properties as compared to thinner cladding materials.

Ore’s restrained earthy hue facilitates the accentuation of other natural materials such as wood and stone. The Eternal Collection features the unique combination of color and metal to provide a distinctive, elegant color. The translucent finish provides added depth and dynamic light interaction.

Walnut Wood is a panel that is designed to replicate repurposed wood in a natural brown finish. Similar to the Distressed Wood Series®, these panels feature four different patterns. All the patterns are incorporated into each panel that blends well together to prevent a repetitive aesthetic.