I’m not sure how to describe this word. It’s not catchy, it’s not nice, and it’s not a word you can use to describe anything I’m about to share. I’m actually more of a “trimble twig” kinda person, but sometimes I’m going to use words that are a bit more descriptive.

Im a guy who likes to get weird stuff done to him. Most of my creations involve some sort of manipulation of the physical world, and even though I don’t think it makes a whole lot of sense to you, I think it makes a lot of sense to me. I get to do the things I want to do and not just do them myself. It’s all about freedom and control.

Some people prefer to refer to themselves as “trimbles” because they take things to a whole new level. I like to refer to myself as “tumble twig”-er. I like to have more fun than I can handle, and that usually means doing things that I might not necessarily like or that other people might not approve of. I also enjoy the power of being able to do things that you don’t like, or that you think might not be cool to do.

In a perfect society, we would all be trimbles. There would be no limits, restrictions, or requirements. We would be able to do whatever we wanted. There would be no need to worry about anyone taking our stuff away. You could say I’m an unrepentant tumble twig. I dont like being told what to do and I dont like being told that I can’t do it. I dont like having someone else take my stuff away.

That’s the way society is supposed to be. But not in real life. In real life, we have to make decisions about things that we dont like to do. We have to make those decisions when we’re old and gray and scared. Which is why you need to be able to remove yourself from the decisions that you dont want to make.

The problem with the idea of trimble twigs is that they were created by a bunch of people. Nobody thought of trimble twigs as being anything other than a form of magic. But they were created as a means to teach the world to be able to think like a real twig. For some reason, people keep trimble twigs around on their desks.

So if you are a person who is scared to make decisions, you should probably be scared to be human. There are some people out there who would happily give you a razor and a pair of scissors just to tell you what to do. And that is what people do when they are scared. But as with much of the world, it isn’t something as easy as trimble twigs.

But if you think you need scissors and a razor, you need to get out more.

Well, thats not true. I have a whole drawer full of them. But they get used in more ways than you might think. For example, one of my coworkers recently had a bad dream where she woke up and found a razor blade sticking up her nose. So she took a pair of scissors and used them to cut off the offending piece, leaving her with a new nose.


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