Managed IT Services

Whether you run a retail store, a haulage company or a car repair shop, you need to create and maintain a strong digital profile, if you want to be relevant in this age of ones and zeros. Every organization relies on communication in order to be efficient and without managed IT services, companies couldn’t operate.

Here are some of the managed IT services on offer by a leading provider.

  • Cloud Solutions – It makes sense to store your business data on the cloud and with managed IT services in Tampa from a leading company, you can have a secure cloud network created and managed by industry professionals. This can be set up in no time and then you and your employees can access data from any location, using a username and password protection system with hierarchies. You might be at the airport and need a PowerPoint file, in which case, you login and download the slideshow.
  • Cyber-Security – Cyber-crime has long been a serious issue and the number of small-time hackers is growing, as young people are very tech-minded; there are many ways that your data can be breached, ransomware is one example, when the cyber-criminal breaches your defenses and digitally encrypts data, which you must pay to get access. The hacker would request an amount of Bitcoin to be sent to the anonymous address and when received, he (or she) would unlock your precious data. There are many ways a hacker can penetrate network defenses and with professional network security, you have no worries about your data. Talk to the IT support company in Tampa and they can help you in more ways than one.
  • VoIP Communication – This is the next generation of digital communication; enjoy real-time video calls at a fraction of the cost of cellular networks. The system uses the Internet to send and receive audio and video data; popular VoIP platforms include Skype for Business and Zoom – who hasn’t made a Zoom call? Using this platform in a business environment means a lot of online tools to help you connect with the other users; you can have a project meeting with a team that is spread across the US, which is a game-changer. Social networking is something that businesses can benefit from.
  • Fixed Rate Hardware Support – What’s not to like about having a local IT company fix any issues with computers, printers, scanners, or any of the other IT hardware you might have? We all know the issues that typically arise, blue screen workstations, printer errors and routers not working, your flat fee maintenance ensures that your business stays online.
  • IT Consulting – Investing in IT hardware is never going to be cheap and when you have the expertise of an IT consultant, you will make all the right choices and get the best from your IT infrastructure.

It is essential for every business to take precautions against cyber-attacks, which happen more often that you would think. Whatever your chosen industry, talk to a local managed IT services company here in Tampa and take your business to the next level.


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