In the one season series, it follows their adventures in renovating a bigger motel that had seen its heyday in the early 70’s. Downpours Coffee-I love this coffee shop and even though I’m missing the fresh squeezed juices, this shop rocks. Amazing coffee, the burritos (especially the gluten-free and the fresh salsa are insanely good) and the attention to detail is phenomenal. Unfortunately, staffing has put the squeeze on this amazing space so we have shorter time each day to enjoy it. The Wild-I actually think most people have no idea that this coffee shop/great place for happy hour exists. It opened up at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

We used Refily to get us started and I have saved tons of time in the process. Refily is a comparison search engine that allows you to compare multiple lenders with just submitting one form and makes the search the second time a lot easier. My lender kept sending me letters in the mail suggesting I refinance to take advantage of lower interest rates and lower monthly payments. Interest rates fluctuate every day so if you feel like you’ve missed out on a big rate drop, you haven’t completely missed your chance to save. David Ning gives 50 (that right 50!) tips to save money on vacation.

I clicked on the thing from TikTok, then I put in a little bit of information about my house and then somebody called me. I did it on December 28th, and by January 22nd, I was closed. She knew her job to a tee, so whatever information or documentation she asked me for, I gave it to her. She didn’t have to keep coming back to say, “Oh, well, now I need this.” She did ask me for a few docs and I gave them to her and that was that. If you have a government-backed loan (FHA, USDA, VA etc.), you must wait at least six months before you can refinance again. Conventional loans do not have any seasoning requirements, but some lenders require a six month waiting period so double check with your lender to see if you need to wait.

The max penalty APR and late fees are high for cards in this category. Expect to pay as high as 29.24 percent as a penalty APR and up to $40 for each late payment. There is zero liability on any unauthorized purchases through the Citi Identity Theft Solutions. There’s no annual fee and 0% APR on purchases for the first 12 months after opening a new account. Start a Content Curation Project-Before I would have said “start a blog” but it’s almost 2022.

Old habits die hard — an old saying believed by many up to this day BUT not for this episode’s debt pay-off journey. Shifting mindset and energy have freed KT Lynn not only from her debt but the obstacles she has to face as a teacher and single mom. Here in Frugal Friends, we love hearing debt payoff stories to learn from and represent somebody within our listenership as we want you to know that you are not alone.

With credit cards, the top way to do this is by transferring your balance to a card with low to no interest. One of the really challenging aspects of moving buyontrust coupon code to a new town as an adult is figuring out how to make new friends. COVID has also changed where Coloradans are hanging out and meeting in some subtle ways.

If you’re always in a dilemma from not knowing what meal to prepare, don’t worry, we feel you. In this episode, we will talk you through the benefits of a meal planning app and help you pick the best ones just for you. We all know you hate bills but here, we try to love our bills.

There is a tight window to get your balances transferred to Wells Fargo for low fees. You have 120 days to transfer qualifying balances to the card at a rate of $5 or 3 percent fee applies to each transferred balance. Attend an event-There are so many cool events happening in town and it’s pretty easy to meet people at them depending on the type of event you’re attending.

Having a balance on a credit card can be a dangerous game. If you don’t have a sound repayment strategy in place, your debt can quickly snowball, leaving you with unaffordable monthly payments. However, crucial differences separate the situations in which these financial tools are helpful.