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For my research, I was able to apply different areas of mathematics, including statistics. I also utilized what was essentially a combination of many different subfields to prove my theorems. I really love the fact that in PRIMES, I have the luxury to ponder on different ideas for a long period of time to observe minute details that make mathematics so beautiful.

Finally, after reaching a leaf node, writing a conference paper, and triumphantly traversing my way back to the root, I realized that there were still dozens of child nodes I hadn’t explored . I’d recommend PRIMES to anyone who has an aptitude for math, computer science or computational biology and wants to explore these fields in extreme depth. By offering a full year to conduct research, PRIMES gives students the amount of time necessary to become fully invested in their projects and potentially find new, nontrivial results. Before PRIMES, I never would have thought that I or other high school students could do our own, original research.

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Now, after at least a year of experience in both genomics and NLP, I feel very comfortable in these two fields. In addition to exposing me to different research areas, PRIMES has also taught me how to share findings with other researchers, both through writing papers and giving oral presentations at the annual PRIMES conference. PRIMES has been a wonderful opportunity that has magnified my enthusiasm for research, and it has convinced me that I want to continue conducting research in college. Extremely poor customer service and lack of information.

Just like many people in the media, there are some things I agree with him with, but many things I don’t. It doesn’t take shelling out thousands of dollars for courses from potentially hypocritical speakers. The sad fact is that Robert Kiyosaki isn’t the only one. There are hundreds of financial hypocrites out there. There are even more people out there that have hypocritical moments (I’m sure I have as well).

Unlike transient summer camps or programs devoted solely to competitions, PRIMES concentrates on real mathematics – an extended inquiry of the unknown. By having students spend a few months instead of a few weeks exploring unsolved as opposed to solved problems, PRIMES instills in students a far greater comprehension of mathematics than any other program. Before PRIMES, I have done numerous math competitions and read many advanced textbooks, but PRIMES gave me a special intimacy with abstract math that competitions full bodied wines and textbooks could not. Working at the frontier of mathematics, I gained not only a better understanding of abstract algebra but also an invaluable insight into mathematical research and the mathematical community. My mentors introduced us to the basics of simulating organic polymers demonstrating how their behavior and structure is similar to the behavior and path of random walks. It is very fascinating how complex organic molecules’ behavior can be approximated with such a simple mathematical construct.

Nithin Kavi worked on the projects “Width and trunk of satellite knots” and “Cutting and gluing surfaces,” and studied in a reading group on “Topics in knot theory” . I would like to say that Kaavya always mentored us with the kindness. If I have a question, she would always show her care and tries to answer any question. Personally, she taught me so many new math concepts such as analysis, taking log of a complex number. For some entertaining detail, which happened last time, I needed a ride from Alewife station to my home but bus was not available.