In between live dates, Turner took the band to Cincinnati to record for Federal Records in 1956. One of the Federal releases, “I’m Tore Up” / “If I Never Had Known You” featuring Billy Gayles became a regional hit. Like Brenston years prior, Gayles left Turner’s band to pursue a solo career.

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She gave birth to her and Ike’s son, Ronnie Turner, in 1960. Turner revealed in Tina that the first time Ike abused her, she was pregnant with Ronnie. In the HBO documentary Tina, it’s revealed that her stage name was forced upon her by Ike. Ike was the person in charge of the band he and Turner performed in, and he came up with the name Tina Turner for the young singer. Although Turner only felt a sibling kind of affection for Ike at first, she eventually fell in love with him. The documentary revealed Ike chose Turner’s stage name without her knowledge or consent, and thus the Ike and Tina Turner Revue was born.

Between 1964 and 1965, they scored fourteen top 40 R&B hits with “You Can’t Miss Nothing That You Never Had”, “Tell Her I’m Not Home”, “Good Bye, So Long”, and “Two Is a Couple”. In 1957, Ann Bullock accompanied her sister Alline Bullock to watch Turner and the Kings of Rhythm at the Manhattan Club in East St. Louis. Her sister was a barmaid at the club and was dating Turner’s drummer Eugene Washington.

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Their divorce was finalized in 1978, but she got close to nothing from it. All she got was two cars and the rights to her stage name. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. We like you to go through all the topics if you want to read more. So, we have stopped adding more content to our posts.

Turner stated, “I loved Tina, but I was in love with Ann Thomas.” Their daughter Mia was born in January 1969. They rekindled their friendship years after their divorce, and she found Turner unconscious at his home the day he died. Following the birth of their son Ronnie in how exclude word from google search October 1960, they were married in Tijuana in 1962. Turner stated that the reason they went to Tijuana was to see “sex shows and whores”. At the time, he was still legally married to Alice Bell. He used a detective agency to locate Bell in Chicago and they divorced in 1974.

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