Have a listen to our conversation and calls with concerned consumers around Ontario. If you thought you were paying a toll once to acquire a customer, maybe you’re now paying a monthly rental fee for each customer to the platforms that you use to access them. Apple must now show a set of Russian-made apps during iPhone setup, according to a new law that went into effect in early April.

Facebook stock climbed 4.1% on Friday after CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed his tune on Apple’s imminent privacy update. What iOS 14.5 will bring are active prompts to have the user decide to opt in/out, for each app on a granular level. It’s funny how much attention this feature has attracted, when the ability to deny IDFA tracking has been part of iOS for a while, on a blanket level. They’ve spent the last few months inadvertently telling investors and ad buyers that their product’s effectiveness and quality will be greatly diminished. Some buyers predicted that if results on Facebook continue to suffer, performance-oriented direct-to-consumer and other direct-response advertisers that rely on the Facebook ad ecosystem for performance marketing and user acquisition could jump ship. “We are running a bit blind right now, having to make decisions based on one-fourth of the information we had before,” said Nick Shackelford, managing partner at media agency Structured Social.

In any event, with the Android 12 opt-out structure, and Android fragmentation, it may not become that important for some time. So the changes Google makes to Android take a long time to filter down into the installed base. This is much less of a big deal than App Tracking Transparency, but it is another indication that cross-app tracking will be bringing less data to the whole digital ad ecosystem, and everyone has to adjust.

To gain public support, Facebook launched an ad campaign against Apple accusing the iPhone maker of hurting small businesses by reducing their income from targetted ads. The social media tech giant said it is finalizing an antitrust complaint against Apple for changing the tracking system on mobile. “This is a significant decision proactively made by Facebook to honor users’ privacy consent, but crochet kits for beginners it has widespread impact on data access and reporting across all of Facebook’s advertising products, and markedly to attribution and targeting.” Several months ago, Apple announced that it will require user opt-in for IDFA , a tool that advertisers use to identify and track users across apps and websites. But if they decline, the app in question will not be able to use that tracking method.

He added that Apple may say that they’re doing this to help people but the moves clearly track their competitive interests. 💰 Berlin-based Charles raised €6.4 million to bring “conversational commerce” to WhatsApp. The startup helps businesses sell on WhatsApp and other chat apps by connecting them with shop and CRM systems, including Shopify, SAP and HubSpot. Facebook’s internal R&D group, NPE Team, this week launched its latest experiment, Hotline, into public beta testing. The web-based application could be described as a mashup of Instagram Live and Clubhouse, as it allows creators to speak to an audience who can then ask questions through either text or audio.

Facebook continues to see a range of challenges to that astounding pace of ad sales growth. Because of opt-out and fragmentation, this is not nearly as big a deal to them as App Tracking Transparency. Their biggest challenge is regulatory — every member of Congress and all EU regulators seem to have a different beef with Facebook.

As it applies to Facebook, the anti-tracking feature will block insight into a key metrics including view-through conversions. The technology enables ad firms to measure the number of users who purchase goods after viewing, but not interacting with, an ad. Press coverage so far has focused on US and European countries grappling with the change, particularly Facebook, which ran ads and looked into the possibility of an antitrust lawsuit to battle Apple’s decision. Several reports over the past few days have indicated that some major Chinese tech companies are no less determined to fight or get around Apple’s new policy.

The IDFA allows Facebook to match up those who buy an item with those who saw an ad, but without the IDFA, advertisers will not be able to accurately measure the effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram ads. Despite campaigning heavily against Apple’s upcoming anti-tracking rules, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg today said that Facebook will “be in a good position” when Apple begins enforcing App Tracking Transparency and could even benefit from the changes. “There is an immense pressure on marketers to prove value to the business, and all these changes make that more difficult to do,” said Bharadwaj. “We expect brands will diversify and invest money into channels and tactics where they are able to measure and optimize — which could mean moving a portion of that budget away from Facebook for some.” The tracking prompt will get more people to start asking questions about their data and no matter your perspective on Apple vs. Facebook, asking those questions and having those discussions is a very, very good thing. My problem with it as a security and privacy professional is that the agreement must be explicit and today it’s not.