We spoke with an ob-gyn to help guide us on what to look for in a swimsuit, tankini top, or bikini for postpartum moms. ASOS is the latest retailer embrace women’s natural bodies. A recent swimwear campaign from Target featured models of all shapes and sizes, visible stretch marks included. This is a plain and patterned bathing suit that has a long sleeve which is good for covering stretch marks on the upper parts of the body.

If you feel more comfortable in a one-piece and want to hide any belly you may have, opt for a ruffled design. They cover the entire torso and you can find them in a loose-fitting design that will cover most of your stomach. If you are looking for coverage, you can opt for a one-piece suit or even a swim dress. Pregnancy is one of the main ways that stretch marks can appear as well as any other rapid weight loss or gain. Each detail works to give you a slimming and sexy look. If you are willing to pay a little more, you can take this look to the pool.

There are many different prints to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. Here’s another option if you’re looking for a flowing top to hide stretch marks around the tummy. This one has a comfy and flattering top that’s not tight at all. Choosing swimwear with busy patterns can also draw attention away from stretch marks.

When you choose a pattern, look for a smaller pattern if you’re petite and a larger pattern if you’re plus-sized. Miraclesuit makes some really cute swimsuits for moms who want to be comfortable yet covered. Ashley Graham embraced her stretch marks in a new photo shoot for Swimsuits For All, a swimwear brand she recently collaborated with. Lakshmi isn’t the only star to celebrate her stretch marks.

You can explore over 30+ designs in this variant, and each design is available in 6 sizes. It’s something to keep in mind as you narrow down your selections. Stretch marks develop when the skin stretches or shrinks quickly. This change causes the collagen and elastin that supports the skin to rupture.

For optimal coverage, tankinis with shorts are the best swimsuits to cover stretch marks, both on the stomach and buttocks. Tankinis combine the comfort of tank tops and the full coverage of shorts. This tankini from Grace’s Secret rounds out our list of the best swimsuits that cover stretch marks. This one comes with boy shorts that are available in regular length as well as Capri length. This swimsuit has the amazing features for the bathing suits for moms with stretch marks, but comes in some of the most adorable prints!

No, bathing suits do not shrink as they are made of shrink-resistant fabrics like polyester and nylon. So might people who have to take high doses of oral corticosteroids for months or longer. And people seem to be snapping up the swimsuits Graham helped design. The brand already has rose gold and burgundy groomsmen suits a reputation for body inclusivity, with a vast array of plus-size, tall, and maternity clothes for women. In January, it also launched plus-size and tall sections for men. In April, Asos raised its sales growth guidance for the full year for a second time in three months, to 30-35%.