Selling Your Car

You can get the maximum price for selling your car online. Moreover, you can find a buyer that will buy your car, even without a trade-in. To accomplish this small feat, you need to ensure that you receive its maximum Bluebook price. The following tips will help you realize your goal affordably and easily.

1. Find Out the Average Value for Your Car

Before you forge ahead, it is important to know the value of the vehicle you are selling. The price should be determined by what others have paid for similar cars in your area. Use it as you gauge to figure out what you can ultimately get for your car.

Ask, “What Documents Do I Need to Sell My Car?”

Next, you need to ask, “What documents do I need to sell my car?” It’s important to collect the right documents so you can smoothly conduct business. You will need the car’s title and  the original sales documents for the car. 

The sales documents will give you basic details such as the make and model and year of the car. Look for features that will increase the sales price such as a head-up display (HUD), keyless entry, or leather seats.

The HUD is an excellent safety feature as it displays critical information to a driver on the windshield. This info keeps a driver’s eyes centered on the road. Therefore, make sure you’re aware of all your car’s features so you can get a fair price.

Record the Mileage on the Car

Besides the sales documents, record the mileage. If you have been conservative about driving your car, you can receive more money for a lower mileage reading.

Review the Car’s Maintenance and Service Records

It helps to prove that you have regularly maintained your vehicle. This type of upkeep always adds to a car’s sales value. If you cannot find service receipts, check with the dealer, mechanic, or oil service center that regularly maintains your car. 

Obtain a Vehicle History Accident Report

If you have had no accidents, you can shout, “Hooray!” Getting a vehicle history report can prove that your car is in almost “pristine” condition. You will need to get your car’s vehicle identification number or VIN to run the report and retrieve it online.

You can find the VIN easily by looking at the corner of your car from the outside. The VIN is located on a sticker affixed on the inside of the windshield next to the door jamb and dash.

Check the Car’s Interior

Remove any personal clutter in your car and make a note of the carpet’s condition. The dashboard should appear as it did when new.

Review the Car’s Exterior

Don’t attempt to sell your car until you repair any minor dents, scratches, or dings and replace burned-out lights. You also want to remove any stickers. Any cracks or chips in the windshield should be repaired. Inspect the tires and the brakes.

Have Your Car Professionally Detailed

Because of the stigma left by COVID-19, it is a good idea to have your car professionally detailed. Doing so will give a buyer added assurance.

A Few Final Selling Notes

 You can sell your car for more money when you have a transferable warranty (such as an extended warranty) or keep your car regularly maintained. Adding new brakes and tires boost the sales price as well.


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