Please enable JavaScript or switch to a supported browser to continue using Even Spotify managed to get in on the conversation, creating a tongue-in-cheek post that is similarly going viral. Brittany has retweeted the same post on her account and her response has garnered a lot of attention on Twitter. The snippet from their conversation has been seen watched serena williams heels over 40,000 times since going live on Thursday, January 20th on YouTube. Brittany called out age gaps between Jay-Z and Beyoncé as well as Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan . Brittany, 29, became visibly agitated as she discussed being labeled as a predator (“R. Shelly”) and the double standard in the industry when it comes to age gaps between men and women.

It doesn’t look like the internet is done roasting the two anytime soon, though, as the clip from DJ Akademiks’ pod continues to be a hot topic online. The conversation started after the duo asked Renner to “tell them a little bit about herself,” prompting her to hit back with a stinger that’s going viral online. She was in a relationship with Charlotte Hornets player PJ Washington and the couple announced that they were expecting a child in early 2021. Todays episode is with Brittany Renner and Fresh and Fit joining for a group conversation about relationships and dating in the modern world. Twitter was somewhat reluctant to give DJ Akademiks his props for putting Brittany Renner on blast but that’s what has the podcast host’s name trending on Twitter this Tuesday . This week The Roommates Uncut is dropping early as Hafeez and Chris react to the Brittany Reyner DJ Akademiks interview.

Akademiks, during his conversation, ended up calling Renner a ‘side chick’ that irked social media users. During the podcast, Renner also addressed the allegations that she trapped her baby father and NBA player PJ Washington. Renner had faced a lot of heat back in August when the rumors swirled that she used the Charlotte Hornets star in order to secure hefty child support. The two dragged each other on social media back and forth after Washington claimed that Renner would not let him see their child.

We haven’t peeped the episode in question but folks on Twitter have been circulating a clip of their conversation in where Renner incredulously asks Ak if her being a side chick is due to her good looks. Ak essentially says that none of the stars she’s been rumored to have dated claimed her as their numero uno and that she even wrote a book about her escapades with men titled Judge This Cover. In the wake of this outrage, Instagram model Brittany Renner was invited to chat with the Fresh and Fit hosts on DJ Akademiks’ ‘Off the Record’ podcast, where she called out the hosts for their comments on women. Instagram model Brittany Renner is taking social media by storm after confronting and roasting the hosts of the Fresh & Fit podcast. Washington and a recent visit to Jackson State University where she essentially leaned into her villainess role. DJ Akademiks is back in the broadcast game in a big way with his new Off The Record podcast venture, and he’s already getting a lot of attention by way of a recent episode.

Britanny Renner is one of the many women in the industry Gaines and Weekes have criticized in the past. The model and author addressed them head-on during an episode of DJ Akademiks “Off The Record” podcast. DJ Akademiks was all over the Internet a few days ago over his reignited beef with rapper Freddie Gibbs as they exchanged multiple tweets taking shots at each other. The hip-hop content creator was again trending on Twitter on Monday, November 1 after he sat with Brittny Renner for a new episode of his podcast called ‘Off The Record’.

Those Fresh & Fit fellas are making their way from one podcast set to another. Walter Weekes and Myron Gaines have gained popularity among their male listeners as they offer questionable advice about women. Brittany Renner is a fitness model and social media personality with 4.6 million followers on Instagram. However, she admitted to being a side chick in the past and why she’s in a different mental space that would disallow her from reentering that type of arrangement again.