The GPA of all lower-division foundation courses attempted must be at least 3.0. Choose the type of student you are to learn more about the application process.

Because many courses in both programs have prerequisites, students leaning toward any of these programs will enjoy greater scheduling flexibility if they begin some preparatory courses in their first year. The specific course requirements for each undergraduate degree are given below. At UCSC, computer science students are first introduced to programming using the programming language Python. The core programming sequence—courses CSE 30 and CSE 13S —exposes students to both Python and C. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. It’s the first student project to make it to that level of commercial success, Whitehead natural freckles reviews said. In the game, Squish users party so hard that the roof begins to fall down. The users have to navigate getting to safety by avoiding obstacles without getting squished.

Plans One A and Two A are suggested guidelines for students who have some prior experience with programming. Plans One B and Two B are for students who are considering the major and have no prior programming experience. Students who plan carefully can still have several openings free to take other breadth courses they find interesting.

PLEASE NOTE – The Technology & Information Management graduate program has been discontinued. Electives below, including at least one upper-division computer science and engineering course numbered below 170, or numbered between 180 and 189, or CSE 195. Prior to admission, transfer students must have completed the following five courses or their articulated equivalents with a combined minimum GPA of 2.8. In addition, the CSE Department offers a professional master’s degree program in Natural Language Processing and supervises the legacy Computer Engineering programs.

This program is designed for students who wish to maximize exposure to computer science concepts and methods by taking a large selection of upper-division computer science courses, as well as courses in the sciences and mathematics. Furthermore, transfer students entering in the fall must have completed at least three of these courses by the end of the fall term of the previous academic year and have a minimum 3.0 GPA over all completed CS major qualification courses at that time. Completion of a master’s thesis is required for the master’s degree. To fulfill this requirement, the student submits a written proposal to a faculty member, usually by the third academic quarter. By accepting the proposal, the faculty member becomes the thesis adviser.