You shouldn’t attempt to lay the two solid fields and meet in the middle. This will end either in uneven gaps or the necessity of a transition strip, defeating the purpose entirely. Work slowly, and lay tiles out ahead of time so you can tweak your design. Take a few pictures of each pattern that you lay out so you know which you’d prefer before you start the transition. Tile to hardwood transitioning may not be at the top of your to-do list yet, but you’ll be amazed at the transformative power of such a simple detail.

Hand painted tile floors are gorgeous inside any space of the house. Usually seen in bathrooms and kitchens, don’t be afraid to dress the foyer in something similar. Just look at this gorgeous pattern find and how the entrance and hallway could easily be transformed by adding some of this Euro flair. If you choose stone for your entryway floor, the first benefit is that stone is extremely durable. Second, stone flooring is also very easy to clean and can withstand everyday wear and tear. As long as stains are not left to absorb into stone, all it needs is a simple spray-and-dry.

In our tests, vinyl does well with moisture and with ultraviolet rays like those in sunlight. Depending on how exposed your porch is, the floor might be exposed to intense sunlight and rain. Landscape and garden designers open up about bold and beautiful front door colors for homes of all styles. Add high style to your high-traffic entry with this transitional floor tile inset. Original Style went with a vintage design at the doorway as well.

Our incredible buying power at Carpet Land allows us to deliver the lowest flooring product prices in town, so shift your focus to finding the perfect flooring for your home. Today, an entryway isn’t just to get the mud off your shoes, even though that’s one of the things you can use it for. Instead, an entryway is stylish, and an introduction to the rest of the house. Here’s the ultimate guide to what you should put on your entryway floor.

Make a good first impression with a dynamic entryway floor tile that sets a vibrant tone. Carpets are held down by tack strips and these often provide a serviceable transition between other sections of flooring. If you find this to be insufficient, there are wood transition strips available from hardwood dealers, as well as T-strips that can make the transition smoother and even. There are some important things to remember when trying to pull this look off.

For open concept designs, the same flooring throughout the home is a must. It adds elegance, old-world charm, modern trendiness, or just about any wood keychain ideas other design aesthetic you want to achieve. While wood flooring is a timeless trend that instantly updates any space, water and wood do not mix.

Jillian HarrisThere is so much to adore in the above cheerful entryway by blogger Jillian Harris. The pattern tiles are from the Cement Tile Shop, and the style is called Atlas 1. Equally welcoming is the bright yellow door in Hannah banana by Benjamin Moore. It’s worth noting that marble tile can require more maintenance, especially in very busy households. Since marble tile can be stained, it’s best to protect marble floors with a quality marble sealant and avoid standing water whenever possible.

Hardwood floors need to be installed in a certain direction. Visually, hardwood floors should always run away from the door or entryway. Structurally, it should run perpendicular to the floor joist to keep it together. Many homes are floored completely in hardwood planks; the rooms, hallways and staircases are hardwood and, in most instances, it all matches. An entry may open into the living room, a hall to the rest of the house, and the stairs to a second floor. Hardwood on the entry floors flows seamlessly into the rest of the decor.