True story – I once cycled for a week from California to Mexico just to get some tacos. The tacos were OK, but I’m not sure they were worth the chafe. Anyway, if you’re into cycling in any shape or form then come on in and take a look around. This is one of the funniest girl names you could have for your bike, and it would have your friends hysterically laughing when you explain the name’s meaning.

We present a list of 60 cool and funny cycling team names for your gang to choose from. Choosing a team name itself can be a great team-building exercise; we will love for you all to have a go at it. If you want to specialize in a mountain bike business, you must use mountain biking keywords, so customers understand what you sell.

Like all good things, our amazing list of some awesome team names for cycling teams has come to an end. You can also tweak and customize many of these team names as per your unique group. Because a name is a very important and essential thing for a cycling team. And we all know that without attaching a name for a cycling or biking team, that team is not known by anyone because your cycling team does not have any identity or name. So if you are thinking to create a cycling team, then you need to check out our collections of bicycle team names.

If you are obsessed with the world of fantasy, we have a special section of team names dedicated to you. One Liners – One Liners are usually a type of joke, but here the reference is towards the ability of cyclists to move one after the other in a straight path. Globe Trotters – This team name plays around the idea of a cycle wheel and globe both being round in shape. Balance Police – We love how this name plays with the idea of balance that is essential to ride a cycle.

Consequently, something is subtly funny about naming a bike after a mainstream feature. If you’re ever unsure what to name your bike, there’s never any harm in going after a fart pun. Considered the pinnacle of humor by some, I personally love bikes named after fart jokes. Every one of us has got a different personality and we all have something special in us to show to others. A name is a perfect choice to tell your personality or short story of the world. Get all the fantastic Biking Team Names from this list; all these names are unique that will impress you in getting all the top-quality identity.

Karen is one of the funniest girl names for bikes and will have your friends laughing hysterically when you explain the meaning behind the name. If you ride a track bike and have spent hours looking through bike names online, this is the one for you. If your bike’s been sitting out in the rain and snow for years, but names for study groups has no problem getting you from a to b, Rusty is a funny and obvious choice. Not to be confused with “Two Tires,” this name is for bikes that you aren’t bothered to use some days. You’re just too tired sometimes, and this is a pun that perfectly depicts that. Like almost all bikes, your bike might have two tires.