If you know where a photo belongs, please let me know and I will give credit and of course link to it or I will promptly remove it if requested. Not monsoon rains, but rain on and off all day. We skipped the farm and stayed in town to run some errands. They say necessity is the mother of invention? Well, in prepping the farmhouse for our polar express cold snap this past weekend, I went t… Is this year going to go by faster than last year?

A refreshing drink made from fermented root vegetables, kanji is somewhat similar to Eastern European kvass. Both have distinctive sourness and are believed to have probiotic benefits. Loaded with root vegetables, this kombucha-like drink is easy to make and love. You have the gift of insight today. Try to resist purchasing a 10-person tent for the backyard (great as a guest room!) or buying that vintage Airstream camper you’ve had your eye on.

Bring games back into your household and make full use of the lawn in your yard. Even if you have to go to work tomorrow, your activities today will recharge your batteries. A lot of you have asked about the house update plans so that’s what we are doing here with this post. We had a post ready to go all Spri…

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However, many have recommended that you only brew black tea in a sun tea recipe in order to reduce the bacteria growth that can occur with sun tea recipes. So, the best tea for sun tea is black tea. It’s not just the sun tea jar that is a good vessel for the sun tea jar. Sun tea is tea made from steeping the tea (“brewing” the tea) outdoors in the sun instead of brewing the tea on the stove. Want a homemade sun tea recipe, but wondering is making sun tea safe? This is a yummy summer drink recipe and one of those unique outdoor kid activity ideas, but there are important things to know before brewing tea this way.

Combine tea bags and water in a glass jar and place on near in a window that gets direct sunlight for at least 3-4 hours. I think that jars are the perfect vessel for all sorts of tea, whether youre drinking it in the morning or at night. I think it’s also the perfect vessel for the sun tea jar. Many people remember sun tea recipes from their childhood, especially in the south. It’s a fun recipe to make with kids, but be sure to read through the notes to understand the possible dangers of sun tea. You can technically make any tea flavor, including green tea, in the sun.