Some large, matching framed mirrors to flank the red floral picture would bring light and variety to the room. I agree slip covers for the sofa and chairs would be a great idea. Modern luxury home in LA with amazing views, indoor/outdoor living, a double height living room with a feature staircase and an indoor reflection pool.

In early 2012, the team at Stanley identified a need for laser marking for the dressers they manufacture. The company had been placing plaques inside the drawers of the dressers to indicate that they were made in America and wanted to explore more cost-effective and efficient ways to boldly convey their mark. I really loved the Stanley set’s style and the color of the bureau but not the color of the chest of drawers that did not match.

In fact, about 10 years ago, I bought a dresser from them, and 5 years later when a piece which is part of the slide mechanism cracked, they replaced it with no hassles whatsoever. Young America also suffered from self-inflicted wounds, including shipping delays in 2013 the company blamed on a faulty computer system. The company also stuck with a strategy of selling its goods only in specialty stores, despite the decline in the number of specialty stores over the years.

It wasnt SUPER expensive furniture but I thought the drawers mechanism would hold up better than they did. My sister in law bought the same set, about the same time, and has also had some of the same and worse quality issues with the bed and dressers. One thing that drives me nuts is I cant take the drawers out. This has only happened in the desk, but I can not remove any of the dresser drawers either, they only open half way, which I guess is a safety issue but also drives me nuts. Sadler’s Home Furnishings offers great quality furniture, at a low price to the Anchorage, Fairbanks, Sterling, Alaska area.

It does tell you on their website if it is US made or not. And to answer your specific question, my 12 year old in broad daylight dateline has already out grown the desk!! We can take them out all the way, but have a hard time putting them back in..