Hats have been in the fashion scene for years! Women have worn it for multiple purposes and various occasions. A few people wear hats so that they can secure themselves from extreme weather conditions. Others wear it as a fashion accessory as well as for religious reasons. Irrespective of the reason, today, hats have become an integral part of the fashion scene and are also an extension of an individual’s personality. 

However, in this article, let’s look at the various womens hat styles and the varied ways women can style the same. If you have a favorite hat type from the list discussed in this article, we will provide you with the necessary guidelines on how to style it. So, are you eager to make a style statement? If yes, you need to know ways to stand out from the rest and add more jazz to the hat you choose to wear. 

  1. Beret – This hat originated from Spain and France! The Beret hats used to be a part of the conventional military uniform initially. After that, the hats became a style accessory. These hats are flat and have no rims, and fashion bloggers mostly prefer them. The new-age Beret hats are available in multiple fabrics such as acrylic, wool, and cotton. Hats add a fashionable touch to your attire and persona. 

You can sport a Beret hat with your formal attire like black trousers, sleek pencil skirts, bodycon dresses, and pantsuits. And since the hat is your primary focus, you should refrain from carrying a bigger size bag. A sling bag or a small clutch is the way to go. 

  1. Derby hat –The Derby hats look aesthetic and are elegant. It is known as the iconic English Hats and has been famous since the 1800s. Some people wear it at a horse racing event or a catholic wedding. But you shouldn’t be wearing them daily as it’s meant for your special occasions. It’s always a good idea to team your hat with a stylish sheath dress, delicate necklace, stylish pumps, and a pretty-looking clutch. 
  1. Cowboy hat – Today, the women’s cowboy hat is famous in the west. However, it isn’t meant only for the people from New Mexico and Texas. If you are confident, you can pull this hat with style and verve. If you stay in a place where the heat is extreme, a cowboy hat can be your best friend and prevent you from getting sunstroke. The cowboy hats are large and wide. Hence, it would help if you chose sleeker attire. You can opt-in for a white shirt, tight jeans, boots, or wedges so that your feet appear stylish too. 
  1. Fur pillbox hat – If you are in a cold climate, a beanie won’t fit well! You inevitably require something fluffier and hardy, such as the fur pillbox hat. It is a furry hat and comes with a flat crown, and it lacks a brim. However, if you plan to travel to cold countries such as Finland, Russia, Canada, and Greenland, your fur pillbox hat will help to keep you feeling warm when the temperature is falling. 

You can pair your hat with a classy black turtleneck sweater or a chestnut brown plaid blazer and tapered pants. You might want to add light and delicate accessories to look elegant yet casual. 

  1. Fedora Initially, men wore Fedora, and much later, the hat became popular with women. Compared to the fedora hats designed for men, the ones meant for women are smaller, feminine, and often get embellished with delicate ornaments like ribbons, pearls, and flowers. If you feel ample confident in red lipstick, then the fedoras will make you feel good. When you decide to wear a fedora, make sure that your style is relaxed and casual. You can pair it with jeans and a coat, jumpsuits, and floral dresses to create a lasting impression.  
  1. The cloche hat – is one of the loveliest hats to wear if you have a crucial work presentation. The hats might work in a way so that you look knowledgeable and confident. The Cloche hat became popular during the 19th century in France and is considered popular even today amongst style-conscious women. These are long hats with a small brim and are available in vibrant colors.  You will look stunning when you pair your cloche hats with turtleneck dresses, button-down tops, and shirt dresses. It will help if you think twice before wearing flats as it might ruin your look. Make sure to wear stilettos or pumps when you want to sport this hat.

These are some famous women’s hats that you can select from when planning to buy a hat. And once you know how to style it, you can easily create the look you want. 


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