The Image Series provides the character and beauty of woodgrains and other materials with the durability, longevity and low-maintenance of steel. Unlike its wood and wood veneer counterparts, our steel version was designed to stand the test of time. Wood siding provides a warm and timeless look wood burning designs free for your home’s exterior. Use a transparent stain or clear treatment to show the natural color and wood grain. When considering engineered wood siding vs metal, which is the right choice for your home? Engineered wood is a newer material composed of wood fibers held together by a resin binder.

The strong steel structure ensures that they will last for decades. Not only is siding an effective tool for beautifying a home, but it’s also an important safety feature and an investment into your home’s value. Its durability and cost differ depending on the material used, so it’s important to keep each material’s pros and cons in mind when choosing siding for your home. Contact your local siding expert to determine which option is best for your budget and locale.

Pounding rain, severe wind, freezing cold and blistering heat are no match for the commanding strength of steel. A commercial grade woodgrain metal siding installed with a built-in fastening method. With a .75″ reveal, this panel can span up to 12′ to provide a contemporary look similar to other siding materials such as metal cladding. As metal siding that looks like wood, Alura’s appearance elevates the design of any building, but with much less maintenance and upkeep. Warm and inviting, the modern wood siding texture brings a natural appeal to your retail, hospitality, office, industrial or agricultural project. Pair Alura with decorative metal wall panels to give your building a unique and stylish flair.

Their extensive offers are incredibly stylish but still impact-resistance. Quality Edge TruCedar siding offers the strength of premium steel siding while providing powerful energy efficiency. Bridger Steel has one of the more inclusive metal siding catalog on the market today. In styles from modern to industrial metal siding captures the charm residential and commercial property owners are looking for and the durability to boot.

Grayne was designed to keep its shape over time, and is easy to clean and maintain. Explore seven unique and inspiring dark-colored vinyl siding design ideas to inspire your next home design project. When looking for steel siding in Colorado contact Colorado Siding to learn more about your broad range of choices. When it comes to steel siding Colorado, we have a team made up of the best experts in town.

Our home siding looks like natural wood, without the worries of real wood exposed to the elements. The shield also offers protection from mold and mildew, both of which are known to eat away at wooden boards. Siding guards your home against harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Siding protects the inside of your home from wind, rain and snow.