Treatment of a broken elbow depends on the type of injury that you have suffered. Your treatment may be as simple as elevating your splinted arm, applying ice to any swollen areas, and taking pain relievers. Treatment can also include operations to repair bones, nerves, and blood vessels. Children and adults usually have different types of elbow injuries. They also heal in very different ways. For these reasons, different treatments are often used for adults and children with broken elbows.

If you are taking certain medications, have certain health conditions, or require an operation to repair your broken elbow, then, lab tests may be done. In children, the doctor may take x-rays of the other, uninjured, elbow. Children’s elbows are not completely formed of bone. Growing cartilage, which later forms bone, may be mistaken for a broken bone. Comparing x-rays of injured and uninjured elbows may help the doctor make a correct diagnosis.

The excess skin allows your elbow to move and flex. Medically speaking, it is called the olecranal skin. A person who hydrates well, avoids irritating substances, and moisturizes regularly, help treat dry elbows. Dry skin on the elbows occurs from a lack of moisture. It can also develop from a decrease in sweat and oil glands. As people age, they tend to lose more sweat and oil glands, which results in dryer skin around the body.

However, all the above-mentioned types of the syndrome carry hyperelasticity along with it. EDS emerges due to a defect in certain genes that affect the protein collagen and, in turn, makes the connective tissue much weaker. This overall process of EDS, due to mutation in the genes, causes excessive stretchiness of skin. You will not be allowed to lift, push, or pull anything with your injured arm for a few weeks.

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These papules are found in the joint bends like the underarms, neck, and elbow. Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma develops very slowly inside the body. If found in the early stages, there are chances of treatment for recovery from this type of lymphoma.

If your dry elbows are due to a medical condition such as eczema or psoriasis, there are specially formulated products to better ease your symptoms. Talk with your doctor or dermatologist about the over-the-counter and prescription options available to you. They can advise you on ingredients to look for and brands that you can trust. Sometimes broken bones press on, or cut, nerves or blood vessels. Moving the bones to their normal positions may stop this damage. If people have any additional symptoms alongside dry elbows, they can see a doctor who can check for underlying health conditions.

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