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In the event that an error is made in the appraisal, the liability of the appraiser and Masterpiece Technologies Inc. shall be limited to the amount of the fee paid for the appraisal. Not to be confused with china dolls, Madame Alexander produced porcelain, plastic, and vinyl dolls over the years. In the late 1940s, Madame Alexander produced dolls made of hard plastic for durability. The famous Alexander-kins dolls which were 8 inch plastic dolls were introduced in 1953. Fashion dolls, baby dolls, and international dolls donning native costumes were produced later in the company’s history. During World War I, there was an embargo on German goods, including dolls, which impacted the family business.

Don’t start sorting till you know what you can sell to the neighbor kid for a buck… and what might be worth more. For example, remember when McDonald’s had Happy Meals with collectible miniature Madame Alexander dolls as the toy? The first Madame Alexander Fan Club Convention was held in August 1983 in Merrillville, Indiana.

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She’s technically the name of the head and face mold of America’s first “fashion doll” (pre-dating Barbie, in fact). Cissy lent her likeness to an array of muses, from red-headed brides to tulle ballgown-clad debutantes. Our hospital is no longer open, but we encourage you to contact one of the doll hospitals on our list for doll repair services. For basic maintenance, please check out our Doll Care page. Please contact the store from which you purchased the item. Returns or exchanges must be made according to that retailer’s return policy.

Beatrice and her sisters got together to create dolls they could sell, would not break, and use available materials. She would make a sample doll, and her sisters would copy it. While they worked, Beatrice would offer encouragement and check their work. This personal approach with high standards was a style she maintained throughout her career. While still popular at the time, later vintage years of Madame Alexander dolls aren’t as desired in the contemporary antiques market and also aren’t sold for nearly as high of a price as those circa the 1950s.

Hunter suggests monitoring eBay, Ruby Lane, and Etsy to see what doll models are being offered for sale and the amounts they have sold for. Sometimes when dolls are removed from their packaging, their vinyl will produce a noticeable “new” smell, which is completely harmless. We recommend letting the doll “breathe” for a couple of days outside of the packaging, and the smell should disappear on its own. Our dolls are designed in New York but are made at factories overseas that have been hand-picked for their ability to meet our high standards. Our production team works closely with our overseas manufacturers to ensure great quality and craftsmanship.