But, the helium beer will never ever be able to change your voice, so why even bother. Experts predicted, that because helium is essentially insoluble in water, any bubbles that formed would float to the top without changing size or speed. However, those bubbles could pick up any dissolved carbon dioxide and therefore grow and accelerate as they rise. So, as I sat down to research this beer I became more and more skeptical.

While they intended to drum up a bit of a following, they could never have expected to gain the amount of traction they did. One of those other microbreweries is Berkshire Brewing Company. A Massachusetts brewery, BBC thought it would be hilarious to get in on the fun back in 2015 with their “Helium IPA”. Jim Koch, founder of the Boston Beer Co. and Samuel Adams beer introduces it helium beer Samuel Adams HeliYUM to commemorate April 1, 2014. They even claimed to pack each bottle in special crates lined with concrete to prevent chain reactions in case there were any explosions during transit. Was it a coincidence that both HeliYUM and Cram Ale were released on the same day?

When most home brewers have brewed beer, they add some more sugar when bottling, which builds up pressure in the bottle and carbonates the beer. It’s easier to hook up a tank of carbon dioxide to the sealed keg when kegging. It’s a tricky question, cause the answer is both yes and no. Most articles say it is impossible to make helium beer, and some say it is scientifically possible, and I don’t think either of them is wrong. I know this doesn’t make sense, but I’ll explain. Along with the fake release of the Helium beer, they made a pretty convincing video, where they go into depth about the science behind the beer.

The answer is the effect that helium has on a person’s voice. As you can see in the clip from the television show The Big Bang Theory below, breathing helium has been shown to have a noticeable effect on a person’s voice. Are you aspiring to be the ale queen or the beer king but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve got the foundation covered but don’t know where to go from there. There’s nothing better than ending a stressful week with a cold beer to start your weekend off right.

It all started off with Stone’s false ‘release’ of this Stochasticity Project Cram Ale with Helium. And they actually made a pretty big deal out of it. At least number one selling beer in america big enough to start a worldwide demand for Helium beer. In a beer with high viscosity, the liquid between the bubbles drains slowly, so the foam lasts longer.

Helium is one of the least dense gases and sounds travel faster through less dense gases. Faster sound has a shorter wavelength, which results in a high pitched sound. So, unless you inhale helium from a helium balloon, you will not be able to have a high pitched funny voice.

Amateur brewer and lover of unique beers and fine wines. While that was a roundabout way of saying it, helium will turn any liquid to a solid. This property isn’t exactly ideal when trying to drink said fluid.