Technically launching on saitamask and Uniswap is no different. Guys, this has to be one of the most botched launches in crypto history, going back to the MGM event. Given the high hopes for what Saitama aspires become, it’s disappointing as a supporter. I am not able for sometime now to withdraw my tokens.

And I consider myself to be one of the early #SaitamaWolfPack. — Lillian Finance , a very young and perspective crypto project. We created the brand’s gradient, “Digital Daybreak,” using 3 primary colors to illustrate an expression that describes the start of a new day.

Turn your back on a huge community for business partnerships? I expect it to be bottled galore with its rush to uniswap with terrible tokenomics. Anytime I try to create an account it just says “error 401”.

Despite the deep plunge of the crypto market, SAITAMA has remained in the green, gaining 6% over the last 24 hours. A wallet address is a publicly available address that allows its owner to receive funds from another party. To access the funds in an address, you must have its private key. Learn more about addresses in our Knowledge Base.

Besides basic info on what Lillian project is all about, this article will display what the dev team has achieved so far, and what we can expect to be delivered in the near future. Without even giving a shit about the dev team or the founders or partnerships with coins, etc. the real problem for Lilly is that its goal is completely unfounded and unrealistic. Lilly is definitely a dodgy token and many other members here can back me up on this. Despite its slow start, Saitama is building up an exciting ecosystem of projects that look to reshape the decentralized finance ecosystem. Although Saitama has enjoyed a significant level of success since its launch, some community members are displeased with the slow pace of release projects.

Users of the app were required to purchase SAITAMA before making any other purchases. This led to speculations of the coin surging to the moon following the launch of the app. In a similar attempt, the network decided to delay the listing of the DeFi token Lilly Finance.

3rd — The cause of this project is beautiful to me. Being able to be part of saving lives, to be part of the community where each and everyone of us is involved in saving children, that’s just so very humble to me. This project component has me emotionally attached to Lillian Finance.

A documentary is being made about 1st child surgery (it’s supposed to be aired soon on mainstream media, like FOX, CNN, and the likes). The 3% reflections are amazing, I am earning billions of tokens everyday. Every time someone sells or buys the 3% is distributed among holders of Lillian token, which motivates you to hold on to this coin as long as possible. It is a long-term hodl for me, since I believe in the vision of this company. The key thing in crypto is finding these hidden gems before the projects actually become successful, and way before everyone starts talking about the token.

The goal of Saitama is to inform younger investors by making crypto simple, safe and easily accessible. Its target market is Generation Z , 93% of whom feel confused and frustrated with regard to cryptocurrencies, according to the Saitama whitepaper. This is translated to “can’t wait to make money from pump/dump because of the shitty still-not-working let alone swapping, launch it on Uniswap first”.

Saitama is set to add multiple new platforms to its ecosystem in 2022 along with a major token upgrade, but has previously failed to meet its own deadlines. This has thrown queenslandmax com Saitama’s proposed release date for its NFT platform and marketplace into question. Following the release of its mobile wallet, Saitama has gained a lot of attention.