Company provided estimate on roof leak for back gable.

This puts in doubt to me the viability of this organization. I would not recommend anyone doing business with them. During the initial meeting when we received our estimate and up until the day we signed our contract, we were very pleased with our decision to go with Mike and his company. He had lots of information to pass along, plenty of “5 stars” and “A Ratings” with documentation to prove it.

Finally we cut our losses and hired another company to do it instead. No apology, no coverage for new damages, and overall a terrible experience that I would not hope for any homeowner. everfence reviews In the year and half since, we have had to do more repairs on our “new” roof, and rather than use our warranty we have paid to have someone else come and work on our home.

We are truly sorry about the lien on the property. The lien is a result of our switching material suppliers and we have done everything in our power, working every day, to get them released. We called to follow up today and this lien has been released. We are sending out proof of that today in the mail. Our willingness to fight the insurance company to get this roof approved and our quality of work that was performed on the property hopefully supersedes the liens.

We scheduled a time for an estimator to look at leak located on the back of my house. Two days later the estimator showed up with two other men. The estimator quickly diagnosed the issue; lack of flashing along back gable. He nailed a tarp in place to protect the house from any further damage.

I called back a week later and selected the option for general customer service, no answer. I was transferred to a woman’s voicemail (Ashley?). I left a message asking for a call back on how to best proceed. I waited another two weeks and called a third time. This time, I selected the option for the company owner and the person I made the initial contact. Left another message that was polite yet firm in regards to receiving a call back regarding my roof.

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