This must be done ​prior to the course start date. If the course does not have faculty member listed you can seek approval from the appropriate department chair via a signed scheduling form. Chairs do not have the hussians ability to override through MUHUB on behalf of other instructors. Students are required to completed academic advising with their assigned academic advisor or program director prior to registration each semester.

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If you have questions after reviewing this information, please contact theOffice of the Registrar. Students can also process drops via MUHUB with a ‘W’ grade through the end of the drop period if there are no hold preventing processing. Student should first attempt to complete the drop in MUHUB. In the event the student is not able to process the drop they should assistance with processing.

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Students can drop with a ‘W’ grade from a registered section via the MUHUB until six business days before the published end date of the class . Select a section from your current schedule and select Drop and then Update to process the drop. Students can freely drop courses through the first week of classes – until Sunday at midnight – using MUHUB . Please view theAcademic Calendarfor the last date to drop courses. A “W” grade may apply – please see the University Withdrawal Refund Schedulefor details.