We have encountered an issue, customers say they left the review but it’s not displaying. I posted a “Test” review through my personal account and it displayed, I deleted it the next day. We continue to get reviews on our other GMB listings, but this one is being filtered. I’ve started to do this with total spam local listings, however I’m paranoid to do it with reviews for fear that it would get back to the business owner as to who submitted the report. I’m not interested in making enemies of business owners.

You can disable the use of identifiers by removing the add-on from Chrome. On desktop and Android versions of Chrome, you can always choose to disable the Safe Browsing feature within Chrome settings. On iOS versions of Chrome, Apple controls the Safe Browsing technology used by your device and may send data to Safe Browsing providers other than Google. Some versions of Chrome feature Safe Browsing technology that can identify potentially harmful sites and potentially dangerous file types not already known by Google.

I was not aware of the spam so again and again, I asked my client to do edit and post again. If you’re not prioritizing your Google Business Profile in your SEO strategy, you’re missing out on qualified leads and sales to your competitors, guaranteed. As such, Google has many algorithms and software to manage its search engine and platforms it owns—like Google Business Profiles. Businesses should strive to generate reviews on their Google Business Profile organically, meaning a consistent cadence of new reviews is generated each month.

I specialize in firewalls and routers with tons of programming background and will tell you there are definitely reviews being removed outside of the points in your article and it goes on a lot. There is a lot of manipulation going on and without access to their networks from the inside I have no way of pin pointing who is doing it but it’s definitely happening. It is very irritating for a person to go through dominos cameron tx this then exhaust basic stuff like you’re suggesting only to realize and roll your eyes how you wasted all this time. I’m with Tina, this is ridiculous and I know many executives who have stopped using Google entirely. Clearly they have some political agenda they’re engaging in and who has time for it. We then begin a process designed to safely and completely delete the data from our storage systems.

There’s no chance your business received 19 legitimate reviews from the same physical location. While Google doesn’t outline every aspect of their spam detection algorithm, they do provide specific Google review content guidelines. If a Google review has been deleted from your business page, ask yourself the following questions to help narrow down the reason your Google Business Profile review went missing. Google will remove reviews that violate their review content guidelines.

Being able to record your meetings is one of the best features of competitive products like Zoom. It’s super simple to just click one button and automatically be recording. And I’m really glad to say that Google actually listened to the feedback of business owners. People want this feature on the business plan and in the new Google workspace plans that have been announced. You can change this setting on your Account History page or manage your private data whenever you like.

I don’t doubt you have years of tech consulting experience, and I have no reason to delete your comments. If anything, this comment thread adds credibility to my business and my expertise. I am eager to review your research, but you don’t want to share it.

Does his business have a plan in place to track reviews? Did he/you go through all the points listed above and eliminate all of them as possibilities? When companies hire me to look into their reviews disappearing, it almost always comes down to one of the points mentioned above – at least partially.

It’s good practice to backup and monitor your reviews, then perform an audit when reviews go missing, but don’t lose any sleep over it. Just go out there and get another great review to replace the one that disappeared. It should be pretty simple – you’re great at what you do!