It is very important in this day and age to know how to write because it is a skill that is needed when they finish studying. Students don’t need to wait till they are enrolled at a college or university to perfect their writing skills. One needs to begin perfecting this craft even while they are in high school because they will be asked to produce essays, reports, and more in the future. 

As a matter of fact, academic writing help is available online for those who have difficulties with a topic or writing an essay for the first time. Picking a reliable essay writing service e.g. CustomWritings can be the difference between getting a low mark or a high one. With that being said, while there are some essay writing services, experts, and students that enjoy academic writing, it does have a few pros and cons which this article will look at.

Pros of Academic Writing 

1. Helps one improve their writing skills

Many experts who work for professional writing services always point out that the secret to becoming a good writer is practice. The more that one writes, the better their skills become, and this is why many colleges and universities encourage their students to write as many academic papers as possible in a semester. This is because they know how important writing is and how useful of a skill it is when a student completes their studies.

2. Helps one become knowledgeable and analytical 

There comes a time when topics are not given to students, and academic writing requires one to come up with a topic on their own. Students are required to do some research on this occasion and use primary or secondary resources to get their ideas across. 

This will make one develop analytical skills as well as improve what they know about a particular type of topic. Academic writing prevents one from jumping to conclusions about something and looking at things from all possible angles.

3. Teaches a person how to follow writing  instructions 

Guidelines or rules will always be associated with academic writing, and any students who decide not to follow them will either fail their paper or get a low mark. If you want to give yourself the best possible chance to pass a paper, you need to follow the instruction provided by your tutor religiously, you will not produce good quality academic paper. The ability to follow instructions will serve you well in your future career and through academic writing, you will learn how to do that.

4. Help one develop a never give up attitude 

When a student is studying, they should expect plenty of writing, editing, analyzing, searching and exams because they are all part of academic writing. You need to show commitment and a never-give-up attitude if you want to achieve high marks. While some might turn to academic writing services, one thing is certain, academic writing will help you develop a sense of perseverance and devotion to your work. You will be challenged on how you deal with the unknown, and that is also why academic writing is beneficial to students. 

5. Help one become more creative 

Academic writing requires you to communicate your ideas effectively, and this requires creativity. The more you practice academic writing, the more creative you will be in both your personal and professional life. You will be able to think outside the box when certain scenarios arise, which will ultimately make you an attractive employee for companies in the future because you will have good problem-solving skills.

6. Helps one become more focused 

The ability to focus doesn’t come easy for some people, however, one can train themselves to focus through academic writing. Doing various writing exercises or taking online tests with a strict deadline can help improve one’s focusing skills. This is also a quality that many top companies look for these days, together with problem-solving skills. Work is done effectively and quickly if one is focused, further highlighting just how important academic writing is.


7. Helps one appreciate the art of writing 

The more one produces content during their academic studies, the more they begin to appreciate the craft. This is an advantage that goes under the radar, but appreciating the craft can push one onto bigger and bigger things, like becoming a top writer. 

There is no denying that writing is something that isn’t for anyone, and there will be people out there that will struggle with it. With a bit of perseverance, one can change their mind and see writing in a different light, rather than dread doing it.

Cons of Academic Writing 

1. Increased workload 

If you work for an academic writing service, there will be plenty of students that will need help with their assignments, and this can lead to increased workload. When one has plenty of assignments to write, it can lead to things like burnout, fatigue, depression, or even stress since the content has to be customized and different otherwise it will be flagged for plagiarism.

2. Might experience low motivation level if one is a full-time writer 

When a professional writer, for instance, is producing content for clients, the client might tell the writer that they won’t get any credit for the work they worked so hard to produce. This can lead to one feeling low and uninspired because awards, recognition, and many other perks are not sent their way. Conflicts with clients on things like ideas or even pay can also arise which can further add to one feeling low as an academic writer, plus since this form of writing can be very unpredictable, changes can be made with very little notice.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, academic writing is very diverse and includes things like essays, analytical papers, book reviews, reports, summaries, thesis, and more. Even though the work mentioned above is different from a structural point of view, the thing they all have in common is research for a student to produce good academic content. One has to analyze the information they find, and this is why some struggle writing academic pieces and have to hire an essay service.


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